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How Did Election Deniers Do?

Hundreds of Republican candidates said they didn't believe Joe Biden won fairly (or at all) in 2020. How did that work out for them? Did they all win? Actually, some of them won and some of them lost. It is hard to tell how much their denialism played a role, though, because some won in races that no Republican could possibly lose. Others ran in more competitive races and did indeed lose. The Washington Post has a story that lists all the deniers and how they did.

The list shows well over 150 Republicans who were at least nominally election deniers who won, but for some of them, like Katie Britt, Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL), and the aforementioned DeSantis, it is very doubtful they believe it. It was just convenient to say it. All of them in this list were favored to win their races simply due to the fundamentals of the race and the state or district they were in. Nearly all would have won even if they hadn't mentioned 2020 at all. Denialism wasn't the secret ingredient here.

Then there is a list of 46 election deniers who were in competitive races. They didn't do nearly as well. At the time we wrote this, four had won, 20 had lost, and 22 were in races that had not yet been called. That is not nearly as good a track record, but we'll see how that plays out when all the races are called.

Finally, there are 74 candidates who were in races they were not favored to win just due to the fundamentals. At the time we wrote this, none of them had won and 67 had definitively lost.

So we won't have a final score until later, but it looks like if you were in a race in a deep red state or district, claiming Trump won in 2020 wouldn't hurt you. If you were in a competitive race, it worked against you. If you had an uphill climb to start with, denialism only made it worse. (V)

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