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Gallego Goes After Sinema

Are you suspecting that Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) is going to challenge Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) in the 2024 primaries, when her seat his up for reelection? Are you perhaps even hoping he'll challenge her, either because you're a Democrat who is exasperated with the Senator, or a Republican who likes to see knock-down, drag-out fights on the other side of the aisle? Well, if so, Gallego gave some pretty good evidence on Sunday that he's gearing up for a primary run against the Senator.

Gallego was on MSNBC (i.e., the network for Democrats), and was asked about the secret(s) of the Democrats' success this year in his home state. Here's his full answer; the whole thing is kinda important:

This year, the reason Democrats won is because we fought together as a party. I was out there campaigning for every Democrat in Arizona. I was personally donating, raising money for them, for our senators, for everyone up and down the ticket. We fought as a team in Arizona, and we won. Sen. Sinema was nowhere to be found—at all

You did not see her at one public event for anybody, and when we have some of these races that are really in the mix right now, she could've been a very good surrogate to help out a lot of our candidates, and she did nothing, because she only cares about herself. She doesn't care about how this would help us take control of the Senate

We'd say his feelings are pretty clear. He's a hardworking, loyal Democrat and she's a self-involved jerk, in his view. One does not normally say such things about a member of one's own party unless one is getting ready to try to take that member down.

That said, Gallego does not reserve his ire for Democrats who stand in between him and the promised land. He's also more than willing to go after Republicans, too. Newly minted loser Kari Lake (see above) is claiming fraud and shenanigans, of course, and says she might refuse to concede. On hearing this, Gallego got back on MSNBC's airwaves to share is view that "If you decide not to concede, you're just a loser. So we're not worried about you."

In short, it's almost 2 years until the next election and Arizona is shaping up to be a barnburner yet again. (Z)

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