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He's Baaaaaaaack!

As expected, Donald Trump walked up to a podium at Mar-a-Lago yesterday evening and announced that he will be a 2024 candidate for President of the United States. Here's the FEC form, just so you can see for yourself.

If you would like to see the announcement, you can view it here:

We can't imagine why you would want to do so, however. Maybe if you're Catholic and you need to do penance, we guess. Or if you're really into S&M and the whips just aren't getting it done anymore. Or you are playing a drinking game where you take a shot of Baijiu every time someone mispronounces "China."

Whether you watch it or not, the fact is that it was a standard Trump performance. That means:

Ultimately, the most important thing to know about the speech is probably this: Trump is supposed to be a veteran entertainer, but last night he put aside his prepared remarks after 15-20 minutes and started riffing. And as a result, he prattled on and on and on. Does he not know that you can only maintain an audience's attention span for so long? Once it was clear that he'd wandered off into... whatever place he goes when he's improvising, the various networks started cutting away from the speech. MSNBC didn't carry the announcement at all. CNN cut away after 25 minutes or so. Even Fox jumped ship at 45 minutes or so (though they cut back for the final portion).

The point here is that he's really not all that newsworthy. Yes, he's a presidential candidate, but that election is 2 years away, and he's saying and doing the same things he's now been saying and doing for 6 years. It seems that he expects to get the same kind of attention he got back in 2016, but that's not happening. He's not a circus sideshow anymore. "Can you believe what Trump said?" doesn't raise any eyebrows anymore.

For our part, we've been trying to think about what Trump-related things we'll end up covering in the next 6-12 months. We'll write up big developments on the legal front, but we would have done that regardless of whether he was a candidate or not. And we'll probably write up some of the many Trump vs. Biden or Trump vs. DeSantis polls that are coming down the pike. And we might write about the occasional Trump running mate speculation. But it's hard to think of much else, because his rallies and his wild pronouncements just aren't worthy of attention. And most other politics-centered outlets, even Fox, are clearly thinking the same way. So, Trump is likely to be disappointed by how much (or really, how little) attention his 2024 campaign gets. (Z)

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