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Special Counsel Decision Is Getting Mixed Reviews

When news broke this weekend that AG Merrick Garland had decided to appoint a special counsel, we were a tad underwhelmed. On the other hand, a number of readers wrote in and gave the thumbs up to the move.

The opinion pieces published thus far reflect this divide. Here are few folks who think Garland did the wrong thing:

So, the general idea is that Garland sacrificed precious time in favor of a limited upside.

And now, some folks who think Garland did the right thing:

So, the general idea is that Garland ultimately gave up very little in order to make the investigation as fair as is possible, to send a message to those Americans whose minds weren't already made up a long time ago.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that the clock is ticking. If Smith is to have any hope of wrapping up a court case before the 2024 cycle really gets going, he's going to have to file charges in the first quarter of 2023. (Z)

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