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Court Upholds Saturday Voting in Georgia

Speaking of issues where Republicans appear to be taking the much more unpopular position, Georgia Republicans are doing what Republicans these days tend to do, and are bending over backwards to make it harder for people to vote.

The specific issue, as we have already noted, is voting on Saturday, Nov. 26. Georgia state law forbids early voting the day after a holiday, and Nov. 26 is two days after Thanksgiving and is one day after the holiday that used to be Robert E. Lee Day in Georgia and is now just an unnamed paid holiday. So, does the state law apply here?

The answer to that question, thus far, has been "no." Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thomas Cox found that the law in question does not apply to runoff elections. And yesterday, the Georgia appeals court agreed. So, it looks like there will be early voting on Saturday, since time is running out for appeals. After all, it's not like courts are open for business on Thanksgiving.

That is not to say that Georgia Republicans aren't going to try it, though. They have appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court. And their argument is... evolving. Now, instead of focusing on the Georgia law involving holidays, they are arguing that the situation is inherently unfair because only 10 counties, all of them Democratic-leaning, are going to have early voting on the 26th.

Of course, there are two pretty obvious counterarguments to that. The first is that if the Republican-leaning counties chose not to have early voting, then that's on them. The second is that the Democratic-leaning counties are also the most populous counties, and so early voting is needed because there are far more people who need to be accommodated. We will theoretically learn today if the Georgia Supremes take the case and, assuming they do, if they are willing to disregard both of these arguments and rule for the Republicans. (Z)

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