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Scavenger Hunt, Part IV: Mitch McConnell's Reading List

Back to the Fourth of July scavenger hunt. Here's the list of questions

  1. The single photograph or image that best encapsulates the Trump presidency. (click here and here)
  2. Something that would make a terrible Christmas gift for Joe Biden. (click here).
  3. A book that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would never, ever read.
  4. A t-shirt that would be very apropos for Chief Justice John Roberts to wear. (Submit here)
  5. The wisest, most insightful, or most pithy quote ever to be uttered by a politician or political figure (need not be limited to Americans). (Submit here)
  6. The worst bumper sticker, button, yard sign or other campaign-related ephemera in U.S. history. (Submit here)
  7. A portrayal of a key figure in U.S. history—image, song, verse, book, etc.—that is even more ridiculous than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Submit here)
  8. This isn't exactly a scavenger hunt type question, but we're going with it anyhow. Finish this joke: "Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar..." (Submit here)

And now for some books that the Senate Minority Leader would never, ever read:

R.R. in Pasadena, CA, writes:

A pocket Constitution, provided by the ACLU

One book I can be sure that McConnell has never read is the pocket Constitution... if he had, he'd know how badly he's undermined it over the years.

J.W. in North Canton, OH, writes:

How to Lose Neck Fat and Chin Fat

P.W. in Springwater, NY, writes:

Profiles in Courage

Maybe too obvious, but I don't think it's possible that McConnell has read Profiles in Courage. Most turtles (ninjas aside) are not known for their courage and McConnell is a prime example.

Also submitted by: K.J.O. in Brookdale, NJ; G.G. in Tucson, AZ; B.G. in Teaneck, NJ; J.K. in Portland, OR; A.R. in Los Angeles, CA; T.W. in Phoenix, AZ; G.S. in West Lafayette, IN; D.T. in Parsonsfield, ME; E.L. in Pleasant Valley, NY

M.C. in Scotch Plains, NJ, writes:

Merrick Garland: The Next Supreme Court Justice

M.M. in Gypsum, CO, writes:

Radical Honesty: How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth

J.M. in Portland, OR, writes:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

It's advice from brown people of a non-Christian culture about how NOT to be a trash human.

C.W. in Carlsbad, CA, writes:

What's Wrong with Grandpa

Turtles? Not going there.

R.K. in Cambridge, MN, writes:

Moral Leadership: Integrity, Courage, Imagination

I love the Amazon description of the book: "Whether in a local community, an educational institution, or a global organization, the key to addressing the current crisis in American public life is genuine moral leadership. Moral leadership is anchored in intellectual and ethical integrity, a vision of and commitment to the public good, and personal investment in transformative community. Drawing on a lifetime of witnessing, emulating, and nurturing such leadership, Robert Michael Franklin proposes a model for moral leadership and ways in which readers in any context can discover and foster those qualities in themselves."

C.K.W. in Haymarket, VA, writes:

Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations

M.S. in Binghamton, NY, writes:

Red, White and Royal Blue: A Novel

A gay romance novel between the son of the U.S. president and a British royal son. The main character at one point defaces the office door of a U.S. Senator to read "Bi**h McConnell."

R.K. in Mill Valley, CA, writes:

Democracy in America

P.S. in Washington Township, OH, writes:

Turtle Won't Share, but Learns to Not Be Selfish

Pretty sure Mitch missed this one as a kid.

R.L.S. in Portland, ME, writes:

Yertle the Turtle

The story of a despotic turtle who will do anything to be top turtle. Hopefully, Mitch enjoys a similar ending, falling short of his dreams and becoming King of the Mud. After all, it's a question of candidate quality.

Also submitted by: G.G. in Tucson, AZ; P.C. in Madison, WI; J.P. in J.P. in Lancaster PA; J.R. in Cambridge, MA; R.S. in Ticonderoga, NY

D.G. in Ocala, FL, writes:

The Audacity of Hope

O.B. in Santa Monica, CA, writes:

The Art of the Deal

Of course, Trump hasn't read it, either.

Also submitted by: D.G. in Ocala, FL; B.H. in Westborough, MA; R.E. in Atlanta, GA; M.D. in San Nicolas, Aruba

C.B. in Charleston, SC, writes:

The Bible

Oh, sure, he claims he lives by it, but I doubt he's ever actually read it.

Also submitted by: D.S. in Mt. Pleasant, SC; D.E. in Lancaster, PA; M.D.H. in Coralville, IA; V.M. in Cleveland, OH

John Roberts t-shirts the next time out. We think that one will be a highlight of the series. (Z)

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