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Why the Trans Hate?, Part II

Yesterday, we noted that reader P.R. in Arvada had set us a letter wondering why there is so much hatred directed at trans people, and that we'd gotten a lot of responses to that. In fact, the responses were too substantial to really do justice in the Sunday mailbag. That's why we decided to run a selection of them during the regular week instead.

When we laid out the plan, we said we'd run two days' worth of responses. So, in theory, this entry should be the end of the line. However, as a result of yesterday's entry, a response that was "substantial" is now "massive." We are going to take that as prima facie evidence that there's a lot of interest in this question. So, like a hit Broadway musical, we're going to extend the run at least through the end of the week. Here's another group of reader responses:

If readers have answers to D.V.'s question (that is, suggestions for analogies), we will work them into the conversation. Also, and we will explain our thinking on this in greater detail when that day comes, but we would like to run an entire day of responses from trans and/or nonbinary people. So, if you are trans and you have thoughts, or if you already wrote in but we don't know you're trans or nonbinary, please send us an e-mail. In any event, more responses tomorrow! (Z)

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