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Trump Legal News: The Trial (Day 3)

Yesterday, the task at hand for Judge Juan Merchan was to get as much of a jury seated as is possible. Things did not get off to a good start, but by the end of the day, the Court had managed to empanel 12 regular jurors and one alternate.

The reason the day got off to a poor start is that two of the jurors who had already been empaneled were dismissed. The oncology nurse we listed as Juror 2 yesterday told Merchan that enough information about her had become public that people had begun to put 2 and 2 together and figure out her identity. She said she feared for her safety, asked to be dismissed, and was.

The other juror to get the heave-ho was listed yesterday as Juror 4; the older Puerto Rican man who said he finds Trump fascinating and mysterious. The DA's office found news stories about a person of the same name who got busted for defacing right-wing political posters back in the 1990s. They also found news stories about the wife of a person of the same name being part of a corruption investigation, also in the 1990s. If Juror 4 was positively identified as the subject of either of those news stories, that information has not been made public. However, after a long bench conference, Merchan decided to dismiss.

That means that we have 8 new jurors. Here's a brief rundown of the newbies, with comments, like we did yesterday:

So, it looks to us like none of the new jurors are likely to lean Trumpward, while about half of them look to be moderately unfriendly to him. Of course, this is just guesswork, and it's also possible that someone is misrepresenting themselves. And all Trump needs is one to hang the jury.

The other big storyline is that the prosecution feels Trump has now violated his gag order seven times, and they want sanctions. Merchan may address that today, or he may wait until Monday, by which time there are sure to be at least, what, seven more violations? Either Trump just can't control himself, or he wants to be jailed. Either way, the Judge is going to have to do something, or the gag order is meaningless.

The trial will resume today, of course, and the general consensus is that opening arguments will commence on Monday. Guess we know what our first item will be every day next week. We will likely have an item on Day 4 tomorrow, and we'll definitely have some questions and answers about the trial. (Z)

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