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Giuliani Disbarred

Donald Trump may be pretty good at avoiding consequences for his actions—$500 million in judgments and 34 felony convictions notwithstanding—but his acolytes aren't. Yesterday, Trump crony and America's Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was disbarred in New York.

What a mess Giuliani's life has become. He can no longer practice law in New York, and he's on the cusp of being disbarred in Washington, DC. He faces criminal charges in two different states. He's got a couple of mega-sized civil suits pending against him. He owes a $148 million dollar judgment, has gone bankrupt due to his inability to pay that and other liabilities, and is about to lose control of his assets to a bankruptcy trustee. He's also been fired from several high-paying media gigs. And there is nothing in this entire paragraph that is not a direct byproduct of Giuliani's association with Trump.

As long as we're on the general subject, Steve Bannon did indeed report on Monday to begin his 4-month prison sentence. He tried to have a press conference before surrendering, at which he blathered about how "this thing" is bigger than him, and that the populist Trump army is on the march. Unfortunately for him, he was largely drowned out by anti-Trump protesters and/or Bannon mockers.

Bannon got lucky and drew FCI Danbury, which is a low-security "Club Fed" type prison. The good news for him is that he won't share space with violent criminals, he will be allowed to send e-mails and make phone calls, and the commissary has both graham crackers AND Oreos (according to the AP). The bad news is that the e-mails can't have attachments, and monthly phone time is strictly limited. So, there's not going to be a contraband "Bannon from prison" podcast while he's in the joint. Since he gets out November 1, he'll therefore be sidelined for most of the campaign. (Z)

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