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Pathways to the House Majority

Pundits often talk about "pathways to the House majority," but this year that can be interpreted fairly literally. There are two paths (well, interstate highways) that pass through (or close to) a number of the most competitive House districts. They are the I-5 out west and I-95 back east. Let's take a look at some of the key House races.


The I-5—and it's important to make sure to put the article before the name of the freeway, so people don't think you are a savage and a heathen—runs 1,400 miles from Canada to Mexico. It passes through a dozen competitive districts. Six currently have a Democratic representative and six have a Republican representative. Here is the lay of the land from north to south.


The East Coast's answer to the I-5 is the I-95. It runs 1,900 miles from the Canadian border in Maine to Miami. However, the I-95 has only six competitive districts, four of them currently represented by Democrats and two currently represented by Republicans. Again, let's travel south from Canada.

These aren't the only competitive House races, but these do cover quite a few of them. (V)

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