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The George and Joe Show Debuts Today

We'll mention the U.K. and French elections below, but the big U.S. story today is Joe Biden's interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Biden's candidacy hinges on his acing the interview. Politico suggests nine questions Stephanopoulos should ask Biden. Only one relates to policy matters. The other eight relate to Biden's health and whether he is up to the job for 4 more years. We agree completely. Biden has already made his views on policy issues known. The man himself is the issue now.

You can read the questions directly at the link if you want. We're going to summarize them in a more direct way than a serious national journalist like Stephanopoulos could ever do. There goes our shot at becoming serious national journalists.

  1. Have you had any neurological tests and will you release all your medical records?
  2. When you are struggling for words, does your mind go blank or is it racing?
  3. Were you aware that your staff has been trying to hide you from the public?
  4. You blamed your debate performance on travel from 2 weeks ago; doesn't the country need a president who recovers faster?
  5. If you decide to step aside, will you support Kamala Harris?
  6. Since polls show voters like the Democrats' policies, just not you, wouldn't withdrawing help the party?
  7. Aren't you just like Strom Thurmond, Dianne Feinstein, and Robert Byrd and are past your use-by date?
  8. You said you would challenge Donald Trump to golf if he carried his own bags. What did you mean by that?
  9. Could you please describe your objections to the Supreme Court's immunity and Chevron decisions?

As you can see, only the last one is about policy. We don't know if anyone close to Biden reads Politico but it would be political malpractice if there were weren't a couple of staffers assigned to read every major publication in the country and make a summary for Biden. Since so many of them are calling for him to step down, maybe someone needs to crank up Excel to keep score. At the very least, Biden should be prepared for questions like the ones above, as well as questions on difficult policy issues like immigration and the Middle East. (V)

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