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Adelson Is Back

Not Sheldon Adelson. He's dead and buried in Israel. But his widow, Miriam Adelson, has decided that she wants to take over his role as a Republican megadonor. She inherited $34 billion from Sheldon and Donald Trump gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2018. They get along fine. She is planning to spend $61 million before Labor Day attacking Joe Biden. The ads will run during the Summer Olympics in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Adelson was born in Israel and the ads might attack Biden for caving to the pro-Palestinian students and abandoning Israel at its moment of need. If she does that, the ads may not have the desired effect on the Arab Americans in Michigan. They are probably not going to be impressed by hearing that Trump will do much more for Israel than Biden is doing. But maybe she is smart enough to run ads in Michigan about the economy and not the Middle East. Immigration and national security are also likely to be in there.

The super PAC Adelson is using, Preserve America, said that it will spend more this year than the $100 million it spent in 2020. Also, it is starting earlier. Last time it didn't begin advertising until after Labor Day. (V)

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