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Let the Monday Morning Quarterbacking Begin

Did Todd Blanche do a good job of trying to defend Donald Trump? He didn't get the result he wanted, but at least he gave it his best shot, right? Well, a substantial number of lawyers think he blew it. See, for example, here, here, here, here, here and here. Each author has his own ideas about what Trump and Blanche should have done better. Note that in some cases, Blanche probably told Trump what he wanted to do and Trump (stupidly) vetoed it. Basically, Trump forced his lawyers to take a page out of his own playbook: Deny everything and attack everyone. That doesn't work in court. Here are some of the highlights of the critical pieces:

In short, there were a number of ways the defense could have done a much better job. Would it have mattered? Maybe. And again, it was not necessary to convince 12 people that Trump is a saint. All that was needed was to get one juror to say: "I think Trump is probably guilty, but I have some doubts and I am not going to vote to convict on account of my doubts." (V)

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