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Foreign Elections: India's Voters Ding Modi

We had an item on the election in Mexico earlier this week, but there have been two other foreign elections worth mentioning, too.

First, as most readers will have heard by now, Indian PM Narendra Modi won a third term, but his National Democratic Alliance took a serious electoral hit, such that this will be Modi's first coalition government.

Meanwhile, over in South Africa, a similar story played out. After 30 uninterrupted years in the majority, the African National Congress (ANC), which is the party founded by Nelson Mandela, took a beating at the polls, and is going to have to try to form a coalition government. Modi has already dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's; whether the ANC can also do so remains an open question. They have just 10 more days to figure it out.

We wanted to note these stories before they were too far out-of-date. However, we do have some thoughts on how these results might be relevant to American politics. And we are also going to have a reader report from India. If any readers are in a position to share some thoughts from Mexico or from South Africa, please do let us know at We'll have that material next week. (Z)

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