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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy: Day and Fortnight

The headline theme is finally back! For this one, we gave the hints "you'll need some time to figure it out" and "yesterday you had a week to solve it, but you didn't have a fortnight." And now, here is the answer key from the last time we did it, way back in mid-May, courtesy of reader W.M.H.B in Salamanca, Spain:

The headlines all have units of time in them:

The one from the week before this one was very tough, so we tried to make this one a bit more accessible.

Here are the first 30 readers to get it right:

  1. W.M.H.B in Salamanca
  2. E.K. in Arlington, MA
  3. G.K. in Hillsborough, NJ
  4. R.D. in Cheshire, CT
  5. R.S. in Milan, OH
  6. J.D.W. in Baltimore, MD
  7. M.A. in Boston, MA
  8. J.L. in Paterson, NJ
  9. D.C. in South Elgin, IL
  10. S.L. in Wavre, Belgium
  11. M.J. in Oakdale, MN
  12. G.W. in Avon, CT
  13. R.S. in Madrid, Spain
  14. S.G. in Durham, NC
  15. J.S. in Chevy Chase, MD
  16. A.O'N. in Wiesbaden, Germany
  17. M.R. in Concord, MA
  18. J.M. in Eagle Mills, NY
  19. M.Z. in Sharon, MA
  20. M.R. in Washington, DC
  21. J.L.G. in Boston, MA, who adds: "I read the post in the blink of an eye, and wanted to send this off in a jiffy, but am afraid I missed something that I would have seen if I'd just waited a spell."
  22. G.G. in Nottinghamshire, England, UK
  23. J.C. in Long Beach, NY
  24. D.D. in Highland Park, IL
  25. R.L. in Concord, MA
  26. D.W.B. in Waynesville, NC
  27. T.F. in Craftsbury Common, VT
  28. R.W. in Bensenville, IL
  29. N.H. in London, England, UK
  30. J.C. in Daytona Beach, FL

We also had one person who got last week's headline theme correct. That was reader D.S. in Layton, UT, who wrote: "I feel good about this one: Songs written by Crickets that were covered by The Bobby Fuller Four."

As to this week's headline, thank goodness we don't have to work around the Trump trial headlines anymore, as we were running out of things to do with the words "trial" and "day." Anyhow, it relies on one word in each headline, and the very first headline is not part of it (many people died in the D-Day landings). The theme would probably be in the Trivial Pursuit category History, but don't pay too much attention to that, because it only makes that category by virtue of it being the least bad fit. As to a hint, we will tell you that we originally had the headline "Trump Polls: Voters Reacting to Verdict," but we changed it to "This Week's Polls: Voters' Reaction to Verdict Is Surprisingly Swift." That is because we aren't 100% sure that the first version fits the theme, but we know the second version does.

If you have a guess, send it in at, ideally with subject line "June 7 Headlines." (Z)

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