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Benny Gantz Quits Netanyahu's War Cabinet

Former general and defense minister Benny Gantz, a member of Benjamin Netanyahu's War Cabinet, resigned yesterday. He is furious that Netanyahu has no plans about what to do about Gaza after the war there is over. He said that his top priority is getting the remaining hostages back and getting a ceasefire.

Gantz is a centrist who had threatened to resign unless Netanyahu came up with a post-war plan by June 8. True to his word, Gantz quit. While the move will weaken Netanyahu, it will not force him from office as long as the four small right-wing parties in his coalition continue to support him. Netanyahu exhorted Gantz to stay, but to no effect.

In the short run, this will limit Gantz' ability to influence the war, but in the long run will show Israelis that he stood up to Bibi. If the cabinet falls soon and there are new elections, his move could help Gantz. It may also embolden the small right-wing parties since they now have Netanyahu firmly by the [insert body part]. But Netanyahu is a master politician and has survived many crises before. (V)

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