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Looking Forward to 2024, Part VI: Reader Predictions, Economy and Finance Edition

We did not get to run predictions yesterday, but we have some today. Here is the list of the ones we've already run:

And now, 10 reader predictions about the economy and/or finance:

  1. S.H. in Broken Arrow, OK: Gas prices near election day will be $2.40/gal due to multiple Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases. (Potential Bonus Points: 70)

  2. C.P. in Malden, MA: The S&P 500 and NASDAQ will both be at least 7% higher on December 31, 2024, than they were on January 1, 2024. (Potential Bonus Points: 34)

  3. D.C. in Delray Beach, FL: The NASDAQ will be at or near 17,047 on December 31, 2024 (it is currently at 16,128). (Potential Bonus Points: 35)

  4. M.M. in Alexandria, MN: At some point in 2024, the SPX will have dropped to at least 1,000 points below its 2023 closing price. And, the price of gold will rise to $2,500 per ounce. (Potential Bonus Points: 67)

  5. The Great Bombini in Cincinnati, OH: The Great Bombini wanted to look at a 6-month time span, but there is so much coming down the pike that it was impossible to see that far. Therefore, I read 3 months out. Much discord on the horizon. Infighting. Looks like we will have a short government shutdown that will cause the economy to hit a speed bump. Nobody is happy and no one will get what they want out of this stunt, either. (Potential Bonus Points: 59)

  6. D.G. in Atlanta, GA: Inflation will cool to 2.5% or less by end of 2024. (Potential Bonus Points: 28)

  7. C.R. in St Louis, MO: The economy will spring forward again with Fed rate reductions in spring. New housing manufacturing will increase, mortgage rates will come down, and equity markets will soar, which will make everyone's 401k look more comfortable. A nice tailwind for incumbents. (Potential Bonus Points: 38)

  8. A.D. in Charleston, WV: Fractures in the economy will start to expand, as the oft-ignored rental market continues to cobble disposable income. The economy will become the noose around Joe Biden's neck, greatly growing the appeal of Donald Trump. (Potential Bonus Points: 72)

  9. A.T. in Elkton, MD: The economy will continue to slowly recover and I think Joe Biden will be able to make that a central plank in re-electing him. (Potential Bonus Points: 32)

  10. P.H. in Mayo, FL: The economy will continue to grow at an average pace of 3% to 3.5% during 2024. (Potential Bonus Points: 32)

If the readers pull a sweep here, then they'll earn 1,000 points for 10 correct predictions, along with 467 bonus points for degree of difficulty. Of course, once again, a sweep is not possible because some of the predictions run contrary to each other.

The next set of predictions will be the set we intended to run yesterday, about Congress. (Z)

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