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Trump Wants a Third Term

The Fourteenth Amendment states that anyone who has sworn an oath to support the Constitution and then participated in an insurrection against the government may not hold federal office. The Supreme Court recently ruled that since Congress hasn't passed any enabling legislation, the actual words of the Constitution aren't good enough and can be ignored. Donald Trump apparently took note of that and has been talking about serving a third term, after finishing his second term on Jan. 20, 2029. After all, the Twenty-Second Amendment, which limits presidents to two terms, does not have any enabling legislation to back it up, and for the current Supreme Court, the actual words in the Constitution do not mean anything. This is called neo-originalism. Or something.

Is Trump serious? Probably not yet, he's said: "We are going to win 4 more years. "And then after that, we'll go for another 4 years because they spied on my campaign. We should get a redo of 4 years." Right, being spied on entitles you to an extra 4 years. But if Trump wins this year and then files to run in 2028, secretaries of state will have to decide if Trump can be on the ballot. If any of them rule "Nope. See Twenty-Second Amendment," then Trump will sue and argue before the Supreme Court that since Congress has not passed any enabling legislation, the Twenty-Second Amendment doesn't count (of course, if someone sued about the Second Amendment and its lack of enabling legislation, who knows what the Court might decide).

In any event, Trump clearly would love to be president for life, like various dictators in Africa and elsewhere. Maybe even he doesn't think he can pull it off, but his base loves the idea and especially loves him trolling the libs and getting the media all worked up. If he comes to realize Plan A isn't going to fly because this is a bridge too far, even for a friendly Supreme Court, then Plan B might be him rooting for the first woman president, President Ivanka Trump.

Of course all the talk about a third term first requires Trump to win a second term, and that is far from a done deal right now. (V)

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