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Haley Caves

It's not terribly surprising, but Nikki Haley has delusions of a future in Republican politics, so she caved and said she will vote for Donald Trump in November, warts and all. She said Trump has not been perfect, but Joe Biden has been "a catastrophe." Does she believe anything she is saying? No, she's too smart for that, but to salvage any hope of a run for president in 2028 or maybe the Senate some day, she had to give in. Such is the power of Trump.

Haley criticized Trump on everything for months. He disrespected the military, she questioned his mental fitness, and so much more, but who cares when there is an a** to be kissed? So far, Trump has not extended an olive branch to Haley, but that is not his style.

Haley may still have a future in South Carolina politics, once Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) hangs it up. After all, South Carolinians like their senators to be lacking in principles. However, she's cooked as far as president goes. She's too much an apostate for the Trumpers and too much a Trumper for the sane Republicans. She'll never be able to put together a coalition that can power her to the nomination.

The big question now is what the 20% or so of Republicans who have been voting for Haley consistently will do. Will they follow their woman and vote for Trump, vote third party, stay home, or even vote for Biden? We don't know and hope there is some polling on this soon. (V)

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