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Trump Held a Rally in the South Bronx Yesterday

Generally, Donald Trump holds his rallies in rural areas packed with his supporters. He tends to avoid cities because they would draw plenty of opposition, boos, and protests. But yesterday he did something unorthodox for him. He held a rally in the South Bronx, in the heart of one of the most Democratic counties in the country. The two congressional districts that cover the area are NY-13 (PVI of D+38) and NY-15 (D+35). Nearby is also NY-14, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' district in Queens, which is D+28.

What's up? Is the cheese slipping off the cracker? Did Trump's schedulers confuse NY-13 (D+38) with PA-13 (R+25)? No, Trump believes he is making progress with Black and Latino voters and the South Bronx has many people of both groups. The population is 65% Latino and 31% Black. It is also very poor, with 35% falling below the poverty line. Trump's campaign manager undoubtedly understands that winning New York State is about 12 bridges too far. Nevertheless, since it was certain there would be protesters, Trump knew that the rally would get a huge amount of publicity, thus sending a message to Black and Latino voters nationwide.

One legitimate area where Latinos may actually agree with Trump is abortion. Many Latinos are Catholic, and the Catholic Church opposes abortion.

At the rally, Trump railed against immigrants and vowed to hold the biggest deportation operation in American history—to a crowd full of immigrants, but whatever. But Trump called the rally a love fest.

Further, it was his standard stump speech, attacking Joe Biden and lamenting how his economic policies especially hurt people of color.

More than 100 protesters showed up, and well, protested. The police had to keep the rally-goers and protesters apart, but there was no violence. (V)

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