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Trump Has a Three-Part Plan for Dismantling America

Donald Trump has already told everyone what he wants to do if he is elected. Many people are not taking him seriously, but Donald Moynihan, a professor of public policy at Georgetown and an expert on the administrative state, is. He's scared. He thinks Trump's plans can be divided into three parts, as follows:

Would he create a full-blown fascist dictatorship? Probably not, depending on which party controlled the House and Senate, but he would probably try to go as far as his friends on the Supreme Court will allow. If Trump really pushes the envelope, the demonstrations are likely to make Bleeding Kansas look like a Sunday School picnic. There could be a huge backlash and Republicans would probably get trounced in the 2026 midterms, but a lot of damage could be inflicted on the country before then. (V)

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