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Kerry 252   Bush 286  
Senate: Dem 39   GOP 28  
House: Dem 0   GOP 0  

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strong Dem Strong Dem (146)
weak Dem Weak Dem (37)
barely Dem Barely Dem (69)
tied Exactly tied (0)
barely GOP Barely GOP (37)
weak GOP Weak GOP (66)
strong GOP Strong GOP (183)
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News from the Votemaster

The Republican presidential race has become very unsettled. Six out of 10 likely Republican primary voters want "None of the above." John McCain is a bit too tied to the war in Iraq, and however they feel about the war itself, they sense "send more troops" is not going to be a winning slogan in 2008. Rudy Giuliani has a checkered marital history and just went on record again restating his support for government-funded abortions for poor women. Mitt Romney took many liberal positions when running for governor of Massachusetts. Huckaback (Mike Huckabee + Sam Brownback) isn't catching fire and neither are the Thompsons (Tommy and Fred), although Fred has some potential if he actual enters the race.

David Broder has a nice column discussing the Republicans predicament. The AP also has a story on the problem.

The Democrats don't have this problem. While they don't agree on which candidate is the best, very few Democrats reject Clinton, Obama, Edwards, AND Richardson and want some other serious player to enter the race. While some Democrats would like Al Gore to make a run, if he doesn't, his fans will easily settle on one of the current candidates without too much trouble.

This page is the prototype for 2008. The data and map will refer to previous elections until serious polls begin in 2008. The blog will be updated when there is interesting news about the 2008 races.

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