Nov. 08 absentee ballot for overseas voters

Obama 364   McCain 163   Ties 11
Senate Dem 57   GOP 40   Ties 3
House Dem 256   GOP 172   Ties 7

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weak Dem Weak Dem (29)
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tied Exactly tied (11)
barely GOP Barely GOP (2)
weak GOP Weak GOP (39)
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News from the Votemaster

Late Update: Obama won NE-02

Barack Obama picked up an extra electoral vote by winning NE-02. More tomorrow.

President-Elect Obama holds Press Conference

President-Elect Barack Obama held his first press conference yesterday. As is traditional, he reminded the reporters that we have one President at a time and currently that President is George W. Bush, so it is his job to handle the economic mess. Obama didn't give any hints about his policies (other than repeating his campaign positions) and he didn't announce any appointments. He did say that his daughter Malia has allergies so that some care has to go into choosing the First Puppy. His preference is a dog from a shelter, but he added, most of them are "mutts like me." The most important thing about the press conference is that he held it at all. President Bush has little regard for the press and rarely held press conferences. Obama's allowing the press to question him directly is already a huge change from the current administration.

Interest Groups Remind Obama of his IOUs

Many interest groups, from labor unions to pro-choice groups campaigned hard and spent a lot of money to elect Barack Obama. Now they are gently reminding him of what he owes them, in hopes of getting favorable treatment of their issues. Unions, for example, want a stimulus package that would be focused on rebuilding America's crumbling infrastructure, which would create millions of new jobs.

Sarah Palin Calls Critics "Cowards" and "Jerks"

Snipers from within the McCain campaign have stepped up their attacks on Sarah Palin, going after her shopping habits, her disastrous interviews, her falling for a Canadian comedian impersonating the President of France, and her political ambitions. Palin has attacked right back calling them "cowards" and "jerks." The story is all over the place, including the NY Times, the LA Times, CNN, and many other news sources. The McCain aides who are leaking damaging stories about her may just be frustrated about her poor performance during the campaign (although none have questioned McCain's judgment in picking her). On the other hand, they may be trying to intentionally damage her and goad her into saying stupid things that will be used against her if she runs for the Senate (in the event Ted Stevens wins his election and is then expelled from the Senate) or for President in 2012. In any event, these charges and her angry responses probably won't hurt her much in Alaska (where Washington is not real popular) but if she runs for President in 2012, they will be replayed endlessly.

Democrats Pick up a House Seat

Frank Kratovil (D) has defeated Andy Harris (R) for the House seat MD-01. This seat is currently occupied by Wayne Gilchrest (R) but he was defeated in the primary by Harris from the right. Even though the district is R+10, Harris was too much for the voters to stomach so they gave Kratovil a narrow victory.

This means that seven House seats are still undecided: AK-AL, CA-04, OH-15, WA-08, VA-05 and two seats that will have runoffs in December, LA-02 and LA-04. No matter what happens with these seats, the Democrats will have at least 255 seats in the new House, up from 203 before the 2006 election. Here is a complete list of House winners as far as currently known. An asterisk denotes the incumbent party. The data are available for downloading as a .csv file. More on the House Monday.

CD PVI Democrat Pct Republican Pct Winner
AL-01 R+12 Thomas Fuller 0 Jo Bonner* 100 Republican
AL-02 R+13 Bobby Bright 50 Jay Love* 49 Democrat
AL-03 R+4 Joshua Segall 47 Mike Rogers* 53 Republican
AL-04 R+16 Nicholas Sparks 25 Robert Aderholt* 75 Republican
AL-05 R+6 Parker Griffith* 52 Wayne Parker 48 Democrat
AL-06 R+25 (Unopposed) 0 Spencer Bachus* 100 Republican
AL-07 D+17 Artur Davis* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
AK-AL R+14 Ethan Berkowitz ? Don Young* ? Undecided
AZ-01 R+2 Ann Kirkpatrick 56 Sydney Hay* 40 Democrat
AZ-02 R+9 John Thrasher 37 Trent Franks* 60 Republican
AZ-03 R+6 Bob Lord 42 John Shadegg* 54 Republican
AZ-04 D+14 Ed Pastor* 72 Don Karg 21 Democrat
AZ-05 R+4 Harry Mitchell* 53 David Schweikert 44 Democrat
AZ-06 R+12 Rebecca Schneider 35 Jeff Flake* 62 Republican
AZ-07 D+10 Raul Grijalva* 63 Joseph Sweeney 33 Democrat
AZ-08 R+1 Gabrielle Giffords* 55 Tim Bee 43 Democrat
AR-01 D+1 Marion Berry* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
AR-02 R+0 Vic Snyder* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
AR-03 R+11 (unopposed) 0 John Boozman* 100 Republican
AR-04 D+0 Mike Ross* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-01 D+10 Mike Thompson* 68 Zane Starkewolf 24 Democrat
CA-02 R+13 Jeff Morris 43 Wally Herger* 57 Republican
CA-03 R+7 Bill Durston 44 Dan Lungren* 50 Republican
CA-04 R+11 Charlie Brown ? Tom McClintock* ? Undecided
CA-05 D+14 Doris Matsui* 74 Paul Smith 21 Democrat
CA-06 D+21 Lynn Woolsey* 72 Mike Halliwell 24 Democrat
CA-07 D+19 George Miller* 73 Roger Petersen 21 Democrat
CA-08 D+36 Nancy Pelosi* 72 Dana Walsh 09 Democrat
CA-09 D+38 Barbara Lee* 86 Charles Hargrave 10 Democrat
CA-10 D+9 Ellen Tauscher* 65 Nicholas Gerber 31 Democrat
CA-11 R+3 Jerry McNerney* 55 Dean Andal 45 Democrat
CA-12 D+22 Jackie Speier* 75 Greg Conlon 19 Democrat
CA-13 D+22 Pete Stark* 76 Raymond Chui 24 Democrat
CA-14 D+18 Anna Eshoo* 70 Ronny Santana 22 Democrat
CA-15 D+14 Mike Honda* 72 Joyce Cordi 23 Democrat
CA-16 D+16 Zoe Lofgren* 71 Charel Winston 24 Democrat
CA-17 D+17 Sam Farr* 75 Jeff Taylor 25 Democrat
CA-18 D+3 Dennis Cardoza* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-19 R+10 (Unopposed) 0 George Radanovich* 100 Republican
CA-20 D+5 Jim Costa* 73 Jim Lopez 27 Democrat
CA-21 R+13 Larry Johnson 32 Devin Nunes* 68 Republican
CA-22 R+16 (Unopposed) 0 Kevin McCarthy* 100 Republican
CA-23 D+9 Lois Capps* 68 Matt Kokkonen 32 Democrat
CA-24 R+5 Marta Jorgensen 42 Elton Gallegly* 58 Republican
CA-25 R+7 Jackie Conaway 43 Howard McKeon* 57 Republican
CA-26 R+4 Russ Warner 41 David Dreier* 52 Republican
CA-27 D+13 Brad Sherman* 69 Navraj Singh 25 Democrat
CA-28 D+25 Howard Berman* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-29 D+12 Adam Schiff* 70 Charles Hahn 26 Democrat
CA-30 D+20 Henry Waxman* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-31 D+30 Xavier Becerra* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-32 D+17 Hilda Solis* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-33 D+36 Diane Watson* 88 David Crowley 12 Democrat
CA-34 D+23 Lucille Roybal-Allard* 77 Charles Balding 23 Democrat
CA-35 D+33 Maxine Waters* 83 Ted Hayes 13 Democrat
CA-36 D+11 Jane Harman* 69 Brian Gibson 31 Democrat
CA-37 D+27 Laura Richardson* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-38 D+20 Grace Napolitano* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
CA-39 D+13 Linda Sanchez* 70 Diane Lenning 30 Democrat
CA-40 R+8 Christina Avalos 37 Edward Royce* 63 Republican
CA-41 R+9 Tim Prince 38 Jerry Lewis* 62 Republican
CA-42 R+10 Ed Chau 40 Gary Miller* 60 Republican
CA-43 D+13 Joe Baca* 68 John Roberts 32 Democrat
CA-44 R+6 Bill Hendrick 49 Ken Calvert* 51 Republican
CA-45 R+3 Julie Bornstein 43 Mary Bono* 57 Republican
CA-46 R+6 Debbie Cook 43 Dana Rohrabacher* 53 Republican
CA-47 D+5 Loretta Sanchez* 67 Rosie Avila 27 Democrat
CA-48 R+8 Steve Young 41 John Campbell* 55 Republican
CA-49 R+10 Robert Hamilton 38 Darrell Issa* 58 Republican
CA-50 R+5 Nick Leibham 46 Brian Bilbray* 50 Republican
CA-51 D+7 Bob Filner* 72 David Joy 25 Democrat
CA-52 R+9 Mike Lumpkin 39 Duncan Hunter* 57 Republican
CA-53 D+12 Susan Davis* 69 Michael Crimmins 27 Democrat
CO-01 D+18 Diana DeGette* 72 George Lilly 24 Democrat
CO-02 D+8 Jared Polis* 62 Scott Starin 34 Democrat
CO-03 R+6 John Salazar* 61 Wayne Wolf 39 Democrat
CO-04 R+9 Betsey Markey 56 Marilyn Musgrave* 44 Democrat
CO-05 R+16 Hal Bidlack 37 Doug Lamborn* 60 Republican
CO-06 R+10 Hank Eng 40 Mike Coffman* 60 Republican
CO-07 D+2 Ed Perlmutter* 63 John Lerew 37 Democrat
CT-01 D+14 John Larson* 72 Joe Visconti 26 Democrat
CT-02 D+8 Joe Courtney* 65 Sean Sullivan 33 Democrat
CT-03 D+12 Rosa DeLauro* 77 Boaz ItsHaky 20 Democrat
CT-04 D+5 Jim Himes 51 Chris Shays* 48 Democrat
CT-05 D+4 Chris Murphy* 59 David Capiello 39 Democrat
DE-AL D+7 Karen Hartley-Nagle 38 Michael Castle* 61 Republican
FL-01 R+19 James Bryan 30 Jeff Miller* 70 Republican
FL-02 R+2 Allen Boyd* 62 Mark Mulligan 38 Democrat
FL-03 D+16 Corrine Brown* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
FL-04 R+16 Jay McGovern 35 Ander Crenshaw* 65 Republican
FL-05 R+5 John Russell 39 Ginny Brown-Waite* 61 Republican
FL-06 R+8 Tim Cunha 39 Cliff Stearns* 61 Republican
FL-07 R+3 Faye Armitage 38 John Mica* 62 Republican
FL-08 R+3 Alan Grayson 52 Ric Keller* 48 Democrat
FL-09 R+4 Bill Mitchell 36 Gus Bilirakis* 63 Republican
FL-10 D+1 Bob Hackworth 39 Bill Young* 61 Republican
FL-11 D+11 Kathy Castor* 70 Eddie Adams 30 Democrat
FL-12 R+5 Doug Tudor 42 Adam Putnam* 58 Republican
FL-13 R+4 Christine Jennings 38 Vern Buchanan* 55 Republican
FL-14 R+10 Robert Neeld 25 Connie Mack IV* 59 Republican
FL-15 R+4 Stephen Bythe 42 Bill Posey* 53 Republican
FL-16 R+2 Tim Mahoney* 40 Tom Rooney 60 Republican
FL-17 D+35 Kendrick Meek* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
FL-18 R+4 Annette Taddeo 42 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen* 58 Republican
FL-19 D+21 Robert Wexler* 66 Edward Lynch 27 Democrat
FL-20 D+18 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
FL-21 R+6 Raul Martinez 42 Lincoln Diaz-Balart* 58 Republican
FL-22 D+4 Ron Klein* 55 Allen West 45 Democrat
FL-23 D+29 Alcee Hastings* 82 Marion Thorpe 18 Democrat
FL-24 R+3 Suzanne Kosmas 57 Tom Feeney* 41 Democrat
FL-25 R+4 Joe Garcia 47 Mario Diaz-Balart* 53 Republican
GA-01 R+15 Bill Gillespie 33 Jack Kingston* 67 Republican
GA-02 D+2 Sanford Bishop* 69 Lee Ferrell 31 Democrat
GA-03 R+3 Stephen Camp 34 Lynn Westmoreland* 66 Republican
GA-04 D+22 Hank Johnson* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
GA-05 D+23 John Lewis* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
GA-06 R+20 Bill Jones 31 Tom Price* 69 Republican
GA-07 R+23 Doug Heckman 38 John Linder* 62 Republican
GA-08 R+8 Jim Marshall* 57 Rick Goddard 43 Democrat
GA-09 R+19 Jeff Scott 24 Nathan Deal* 76 Republican
GA-10 R+23 Bobby Saxon 39 Paul Broun, Jr* 61 Republican
GA-11 R+3 Bud Gammon 32 Phil Gingrey* 68 Republican
GA-12 D+2 John Barrow* 66 John Stone 34 Democrat
GA-13 D+12 David Scott* 69 Deborah Honeycutt 31 Democrat
HI-01 D+7 Neil Abercrombie* 77 Steve Tataii 19 Democrat
HI-02 D+10 Mazie Hirono* 76 Roger Evans 20 Democrat
ID-01 R+19 Walt Minnick 51 Bill Sali* 49 Democrat
ID-02 R+19 Deborah Holmes 29 Michael Simpson* 71 Republican
IL-01 D+35 Bobby Rush* 86 Antoine Members 14 Democrat
IL-02 D+35 Jesse Jackson, Jr.* 89 (unopposed) 11 Democrat
IL-03 D+10 Dan Lipinski* 73 Michael Hawkins 22 Democrat
IL-04 D+13 Luis Gutierrez* 81 (unopposed) 11 Democrat
IL-05 D+18 Rahm Emanuel* 74 Tom Hanson 22 Democrat
IL-06 R+3 Jill Morgenthaler 42 Peter Roskam* 58 Republican
IL-07 D+35 Danny Davis* 85 (unopposed) 15 Democrat
IL-08 R+5 Melissa Bean* 60 Steve Greenberg 40 Democrat
IL-09 D+20 Janice Schakowsky* 75 Michael Young 22 Democrat
IL-10 D+4 Dan Seals 46 Mark Kirk* 54 Republican
IL-11 R+1 Debbie Halvorson 58 Martin Ozinga* 35 Democrat
IL-12 D+5 Jerry Costello* 71 Timmy Richardson 25 Democrat
IL-13 R+5 Scott Harper 44 Judy Biggert* 53 Republican
IL-14 R+5 Bill Foster* 57 Jim Oberweis 43 Democrat
IL-15 R+6 Steve Cox 36 Timothy Johnson* 64 Republican
IL-16 R+4 Robert Abboud 36 Donald Manzullo* 61 Republican
IL-17 D+5 Philip Hare* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
IL-18 R+5 Colleen Callahan 38 Aaron Schock* 59 Republican
IL-19 R+8 Daniel Davis 33 John Shimkus* 65 Republican
IN-01 D+8 Peter Visclosky* 71 Mark Leyva 27 Democrat
IN-02 R+4 Joe Donnelly* 67 Luke Puckett 30 Democrat
IN-03 R+16 Michael Montagano 40 Mark Souder* 55 Republican
IN-04 R+17 Nels Ackerson 40 Steve Buyer* 60 Republican
IN-05 R+20 Mary Ruley 34 Dan Burton* 66 Republican
IN-06 R+11 Barry Welsh 33 Mike Pence* 64 Republican
IN-07 D+9 Andre Carson* 65 Gabrielle Campo 35 Democrat
IN-08 R+9 Brad Ellsworth* 65 Gregory Goode 35 Democrat
IN-09 R+7 Baron Hill* 58 Mike Sodrel 38 Democrat
IA-01 D+5 Bruce Braley* 64 David Hartsuch 36 Democrat
IA-02 D+7 David Loebsack* 57 M. Miller-Meeks 39 Democrat
IA-03 D+1 Leonard Boswell* 56 Kim Schmett 42 Democrat
IA-04 D+0 Becky Greenwald 39 Tom Latham* 61 Republican
IA-05 R+8 Rob Hubler 37 Steve King* 60 Republican
KS-01 R+20 James Bordonaro 13 Jerry Moran* 82 Republican
KS-02 R+7 Nancy Boyda* 46 Lynn Jenkins 51 Republican
KS-03 R+4 Dennis Moore* 56 Nick Jordan 40 Democrat
KS-04 R+12 Donald Betts, Jr. 32 Todd Tiahrt* 64 Republican
KY-01 R+10 Heather Ryan 36 Ed Whitfield* 64 Republican
KY-02 R+13 David Boswell 47 Brett Gurthrie* 53 Republican
KY-03 D+2 John Yarmuth* 59 Anne Northup 41 Democrat
KY-04 R+12 Michael Kelley 37 Geoff Davis* 63 Republican
KY-05 R+8 Michael Kelley 0 Harold Rogers* 100 Republican
KY-06 R+7 Ben Chandler* 65 Jon Larson 35 Democrat
LA-01 R+18 Jim Harlan 34 Steve Scalise* 66 Republican
LA-02 D+28 William Jefferson* ? Ahn Cao ? Undecided
LA-03 R+5 Charlie Melancon* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
LA-04 R+7 Paul Carmouche ? John Fleming* ? Undecided
LA-05 R+10 (unopposed) 0 Rodney Alexander* 100 Republican
LA-06 R+7 Don Cazayoux* 40 Bill Cassidy 48 Republican
LA-07 R+7 Don Cravins 34 Charles Boustany* 62 Republican
ME-01 D+6 Chellie Pingree* 55 Charles Summers 45 Democrat
ME-02 D+4 Mike Michaud* 67 John Frary 33 Democrat
MD-01 R+10 Frank Kratovil 50 Andy Harris* 49 Democrat
MD-02 D+8 Dutch Ruppersberger* 72 Richard Matthews 25 Democrat
MD-03 D+7 John Sarbanes* 70 Thomas Harris 30 Democrat
MD-04 D+30 Donna Edwards* 86 Peter James 13 Democrat
MD-05 D+9 Steny Hoyer* 74 Collins Bailey 24 Democrat
MD-06 R+13 Jennifer Dougherty 39 Roscoe Bartlett* 58 Republican
MD-07 D+25 Elijah Cummings* 80 Michael Hargadon 18 Democrat
MD-08 D+20 Chris Van Hollen* 75 Steve Hudson 22 Democrat
MA-01 D+15 John Olver* 73 Nathan Bech 27 Democrat
MA-02 D+11 Richard Neal* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MA-03 D+11 Jim McGovern* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MA-04 D+17 Barney Frank* 68 Ed Sholley 25 Democrat
MA-05 D+9 Niki Tsongas* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MA-06 D+10 John Tierney* 70 Richard Baker 30 Democrat
MA-07 D+18 Ed Markey* 76 John Cunningham 24 Democrat
MA-08 D+31 Mike Capuano* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MA-09 D+15 Stephen Lynch* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MA-10 D+8 Bill Delahunt* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MI-01 R+2 Bart Stupak* 65 Tom Casperson 33 Democrat
MI-02 R+9 Fred Johnson 35 Peter Hoekstra* 62 Republican
MI-03 R+9 Henry Sanchez 35 Vern Ehlers* 61 Republican
MI-04 R+3 Andrew Concannon 36 David Camp* 62 Republican
MI-05 D+12 Dale Kildee* 70 Matt Sawicki 27 Democrat
MI-06 R+2 Don Cooney 39 Fred Upton* 59 Republican
MI-07 R+2 Mark Schauer 49 Tim Walberg* 46 Democrat
MI-08 R+2 Robert Alexander 40 Mike Rogers* 57 Republican
MI-09 R+0 Gary Peters 52 Joe Knollenberg* 43 Democrat
MI-10 R+4 Robert Denison 31 Candice Miller* 66 Republican
MI-11 R+1 Joseph Larkin 45 Thaddeus McCotter* 51 Republican
MI-12 D+13 Sander Levin* 72 Bert Copple 24 Democrat
MI-13 D+32 Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick* 74 Edward Gubics 19 Democrat
MI-14 D+33 John Conyers* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MI-15 D+13 John Dingell* 71 John Lynch 25 Democrat
MN-01 R+1 Tim Walz* 63 Brian Davis 33 Democrat
MN-02 R+3 Steve Sarvi 43 John Kline* 57 Republican
MN-03 R+1 Ashwin Madia 41 Erik Paulsen* 48 Republican
MN-04 D+13 Betty McCollum* 69 Ed Matthews 31 Democrat
MN-05 D+21 Keith Ellison* 71 Barb Davis-White 22 Democrat
MN-06 R+5 Elwyn Tinklenberg 44 Michele Bachmann* 46 Republican
MN-07 R+6 Collin Peterson* 72 Glen Menze 28 Democrat
MN-08 D+4 James Oberstar* 68 (unopposed) 32 Democrat
MS-01 R+10 Travis Childers* 54 Greg Davis 44 Democrat
MS-02 D+10 Bennie Thompson* 69 Richard Cook 31 Democrat
MS-03 R+13 Joel Gill 37 Gregg Harper* 63 Republican
MS-04 R+16 Gene Taylor* 75 John McCay 25 Democrat
MO-01 D+26 William Clay, Jr.* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
MO-02 R+9 Bill Haas 36 Todd Akin* 62 Republican
MO-03 D+8 Russ Carnahan* 66 Chris Sanders 30 Democrat
MO-04 R+11 Ike Skelton* 66 Jeff Parnell 34 Democrat
MO-05 D+12 Emanuel Cleaver* 64 Jacob Turk 36 Democrat
MO-06 R+5 Kay Barnes 37 Sam Graves* 59 Republican
MO-07 R+14 Richard Monroe 28 Roy Blunt* 68 Republican
MO-08 R+11 Joe Allen 26 Jo Ann Emerson* 71 Republican
MO-09 R+7 Judy Baker 47 Blaine Luetkemeyer* 50 Republican
MT-AL R+11 John Driscoll 32 Denny Rehberg* 64 Republican
NE-01 R+11 Max Yashirin 30 Jeff Fortenberry* 70 Republican
NE-02 R+9 Jim Esch 48 Lee Terry* 52 Republican
NE-03 R+24 Jay Stoddard 23 Adrian Smith* 77 Republican
NV-01 D+9 Shelley Berkley* 68 Kenneth Wegner 28 Democrat
NV-02 R+8 Jill Derby 41 Dean Heller* 52 Republican
NV-03 D+1 Dina Titus 48 Jon Porter* 42 Democrat
NH-01 R+0 Carol Shea-Porter* 52 Jeb Bradley 46 Democrat
NH-02 D+3 Paul Hodes* 57 Jennifer Horn 41 Democrat
NJ-01 D+14 Camille Andrews* 72 Dale Glading 26 Democrat
NJ-02 D+4 David Kurkowski 39 Frank LoBiondo* 59 Republican
NJ-03 D+3 John Adler 52 Chris Myers* 48 Democrat
NJ-04 R+1 Josh Zeitz 33 Chris Smith* 66 Republican
NJ-05 R+4 Dennis Shulman 42 Scott Garrett* 56 Republican
NJ-06 D+12 Frank Pallone* 67 Robert McLeod 32 Democrat
NJ-07 R+1 Linda Stender 41 Leonard Lance* 51 Republican
NJ-08 D+12 Bill Pascrell, Jr.* 71 Roland Straten 28 Democrat
NJ-09 D+13 Steve Rothman* 68 Vince Micco 32 Democrat
NJ-10 D+34 Donald Payne* 100 (Unopposed) 0 Democrat
NJ-11 R+6 Tom Wyka 37 Rodney Frelinghuysen* 62 Republican
NJ-12 D+8 Rush Holt, Jr.* 62 Alan Bateman 36 Democrat
NJ-13 D+23 Albio Sires* 75 Joseph Turula 22 Democrat
NM-01 D+2 Martin Heinrich 55 Darren White* 45 Democrat
NM-02 R+6 Harry Teague 56 Edward Tinsley* 44 Democrat
NM-03 D+6 Ben Lujan* 56 Daniel East 31 Democrat
NY-01 D+3 Tim Bishop* 58 Lee Zeldin 42 Democrat
NY-02 D+7 Steve Israel* 66 Frank Stalzer 34 Democrat
NY-03 D+2 Graham Long 36 Peter King* 64 Republican
NY-04 D+9 Carolyn McCarthy* 64 Jack Martins 36 Democrat
NY-05 D+18 Gary Ackerman* 70 Elizabet Berney 28 Democrat
NY-06 D+38 Gregory Meeks* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
NY-07 D+28 Joseph Crowley* 85 William Britt 15 Democrat
NY-08 D+28 Jerrold Nadler* 80 Grace Lin 20 Democrat
NY-09 D+14 Anthony Weiner* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
NY-10 D+41 Edolphus Towns* 94 Salvatore Grupico 06 Democrat
NY-11 D+40 Yvette Clarke* 92 Hugh Carr 07 Democrat
NY-12 D+34 Nydia Velazquez* 89 Allan Romaguera 11 Democrat
NY-13 D+1 Mike McMahon 61 Robert Straniere* 33 Democrat
NY-14 D+26 Carolyn Maloney* 79 Robert Heim 19 Democrat
NY-15 D+43 Charles Rangel* 88 Edward Daniels 09 Democrat
NY-16 D+43 Jose Serrano* 97 Ali Mohamed 03 Democrat
NY-17 D+21 Eliot Engel* 79 Robert Goodman 21 Democrat
NY-18 D+10 Nita Lowey* 68 Jim Russell 32 Democrat
NY-19 R+1 John Hall* 58 Kieran Lalor 42 Democrat
NY-20 R+3 Kirsten Gillibrand* 62 Sandy Treadwell 38 Democrat
NY-21 D+9 Paul Tonko* 62 Jim Nuhrmaster 35 Democrat
NY-22 D+6 Maurice Hinchey* 66 George Phillips 34 Democrat
NY-23 R+0 Mike Oot 35 John McHugh* 65 Republican
NY-24 R+1 Mike Arcuri* 51 Richard Hanna 49 Democrat
NY-25 D+3 Dan Maffei 55 Dale Sweetland* 42 Democrat
NY-26 R+3 Alice Kryzan 40 Christopher Lee* 55 Republican
NY-27 D+7 Brian Higgins* 74 Daniel Humiston 23 Democrat
NY-28 D+15 Louise Slaughter* 78 David Crimmen 22 Democrat
NY-29 R+5 Eric Massa 51 Randy Kuhl* 49 Democrat
NC-01 D+9 K. Butterfield* 70 Dean Stephens 30 Democrat
NC-02 R+3 Bob Etheridge* 67 Dan Mansell 31 Democrat
NC-03 R+15 Craig Weber 34 Walter Jones* 66 Republican
NC-04 D+6 David Price* 63 William Lawson 37 Democrat
NC-05 R+15 Roy Carter 42 Virginia Foxx* 58 Republican
NC-06 R+17 Teresa Bratton 33 Howard Coble* 67 Republican
NC-07 R+3 Mike McIntyre* 69 William Breazeale 31 Democrat
NC-08 R+3 Larry Kissel 55 Robin Hayes* 45 Democrat
NC-09 R+12 Harry Taylor 36 Sue Myrick* 62 Republican
NC-10 R+15 Daniel Johnson 42 Patrick McHenry* 58 Republican
NC-11 R+7 Heath Shuler* 62 Carl Mumpower 36 Democrat
NC-12 D+11 Mel Watt* 72 Ty Cobb 28 Democrat
NC-13 D+2 Brad Miller* 66 Hugh Webster 34 Democrat
ND-AL R+13 Earl Pomeroy* 62 Duane Sand 38 Democrat
OH-01 R+1 Steve Driehaus 51 Steve Chabot* 49 Democrat
OH-02 R+13 Victoria Wulsin 37 Jean Schmidt* 45 Republican
OH-03 R+3 Jane Mitakides 36 Michael Turner* 64 Republican
OH-04 R+14 Mike Carroll 35 Jim Jordan* 65 Republican
OH-05 R+10 George Mays 36 Bob Latta* 64 Republican
OH-06 D+0 Charlie Wilson* 62 Richard Stobbs 33 Democrat
OH-07 R+6 Sharen Neuhardt 42 Steve Austria* 58 Republican
OH-08 R+12 Nicholas Von Stein 32 John Boehner* 68 Republican
OH-09 D+9 Marcy Kaptur* 74 Bradley Leavitt 26 Democrat
OH-10 D+6 Dennis Kucinich* 57 James Trakas 39 Democrat
OH-11 D+33 Marcia Fudge* 85 Thomas Pekarek 15 Democrat
OH-12 R+1 David Robinson 42 Pat Tiberi* 55 Republican
OH-13 D+6 Betty Sutton* 65 David Potter 35 Democrat
OH-14 R+2 William O'Neill 39 Steve LaTourette* 58 Republican
OH-15 R+1 Mary Jo Kilroy ? Steve Stivers* ? Undecided
OH-16 R+4 John Boccieri 54 Kirk Schuring* 46 Democrat
OH-17 D+14 Tim Ryan* 78 Duane Grassel 22 Democrat
OH-18 R+6 Zack Space* 60 Fred Dailey 40 Democrat
OK-01 R+13 Georgianna Oliver 34 John Sullivan* 66 Republican
OK-02 R+5 Dan Boren* 70 Raymond Wickson 30 Democrat
OK-03 R+18 Frankie Robbins 23 Frank Lucas* 70 Republican
OK-04 R+13 Blake Cummings 29 Tom Cole* 66 Republican
OK-05 R+12 Bert Smith 34 Mary Fallin* 66 Republican
OR-01 D+6 David Wu* 100 Joel Haugen 0 Democrat
OR-02 R+11 Noah Lemas 26 Greg Walden* 70 Republican
OR-03 D+18 Earl Blumenauer* 75 Delia Lopez 21 Democrat
OR-04 D+0 Peter DeFazio* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
OR-05 D+1 Kurt Schrader* 55 Mike Erickson 38 Democrat
PA-01 D+36 Bob Brady* 91 Mike Muhammad 09 Democrat
PA-02 D+39 Chaka Fattah* 89 Michael Livingston 11 Democrat
PA-03 R+2 Kathleen Dahlkemper 52 Phil English* 48 Democrat
PA-04 R+3 Jason Altmire* 56 Melissa Hart 44 Democrat
PA-05 R+10 Mark McCracken 41 Glenn Thompson* 57 Republican
PA-06 D+2 Robert Roggio 48 Jim Gerlach* 52 Republican
PA-07 D+4 Joe Sestak* 60 Wendell Williams 40 Democrat
PA-08 D+3 Patrick Murphy* 57 Tom Manion 42 Democrat
PA-09 R+15 Tony Barr 36 Bill Shuster* 64 Republican
PA-10 R+8 Chris Carney* 56 Christopher Hackett 44 Democrat
PA-11 D+5 Paul Kanjorski* 52 Louis Barletta 48 Democrat
PA-12 D+5 John Murtha* 58 William Russell 42 Democrat
PA-13 D+8 Allyson Schwartz* 63 Marina Kats 35 Democrat
PA-14 D+22 Michael Doyle* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
PA-15 D+2 Siobhan Bennett 41 Charles Dent* 59 Republican
PA-16 R+11 Bruce Slater 39 Joseph Pitts* 56 Republican
PA-17 R+7 Tim Holden* 64 Toni Gilhooley 36 Democrat
PA-18 R+2 Stephen Odonnell 36 Tim Murphy* 64 Republican
PA-19 R+12 Philip Avillo, Jr. 33 Todd Platts* 67 Republican
RI-01 D+16 Patrick Kennedy* 69 Jonathan Scott 24 Democrat
RI-02 D+13 James Langevin* 70 Mark Zaccaria 30 Democrat
SC-01 R+10 Linda Ketner 48 Henry Brown, Jr.* 52 Republican
SC-02 R+9 Rob Miller 46 Joe Wilson* 54 Republican
SC-03 R+14 Jane Dyer 35 Gresham Barrett* 65 Republican
SC-04 R+15 Paul Corden 37 Bob Inglis* 60 Republican
SC-05 R+6 John Spratt* 62 Albert Spencer 37 Democrat
SC-06 D+11 Jim Clyburn* 68 Nancy Harrelson 32 Democrat
SD-AL R+10 Stephanie Herseth* 68 Chris Lien 32 Democrat
TN-01 R+14 Rob Russell 24 Phil Roe* 72 Republican
TN-02 R+11 Bob Scott 22 John Duncan* 78 Republican
TN-03 R+8 Doug Vandagriff 28 Zach Wamp* 69 Republican
TN-04 R+3 Lincoln Davis* 59 Monty Lankford 38 Democrat
TN-05 D+6 Jim Cooper* 66 Gerard Donovan 31 Democrat
TN-06 R+4 Bart Gordon* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
TN-07 R+12 Randy Morris 31 Marsha Blackburn* 69 Republican
TN-08 D+0 John Tanner* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
TN-09 D+18 Steve Cohen* 100 (no Republican) 0 Democrat
TX-01 R+17 (unopposed) 0 Louie Gohmert* 100 Republican
TX-02 R+12 (unopposed) 0 Ted Poe* 100 Republican
TX-03 R+17 Thomas Daley 38 Sam Johnson* 60 Republican
TX-04 R+17 Glenn Melacon 29 Ralph Hall* 69 Republican
TX-05 R+16 (unopposed) 0 Jeb Hensarling* 100 Republican
TX-06 R+15 Ludwig Otta 36 Joe Barton* 62 Republican
TX-07 R+16 Michael Skelly 42 John Culberson* 56 Republican
TX-08 R+20 Kent Hargett 25 Kevin Brady* 72 Republican
TX-09 D+21 Al Green* 100 David Reed, Jr. 0 Democrat
TX-10 R+13 Larry Doherty 43 Michael McCaul* 54 Republican
TX-11 R+25 (unopposed) 0 Mike Conaway* 100 Republican
TX-12 R+14 Tracey Smith 31 Kay Granger* 67 Republican
TX-13 R+18 Roger Waun 22 Mac Thornberry* 78 Republican
TX-14 R+14 Eugene Flynn 0 Ron Paul* 100 Republican
TX-15 D+3 Ruben Hinojosa* 66 Gricha Raether 32 Democrat
TX-16 D+9 Silvestre Reyes* 100 Mette Baker 0 Democrat
TX-17 R+18 Chet Edwards* 53 Rob Curnock 45 Democrat
TX-18 D+23 Sheila Jackson-Lee* 77 John Faulk 21 Democrat
TX-19 R+25 Dwight Fullingim 25 Randy Neugebauer* 72 Republican
TX-20 D+8 Charlie Gonzalez* 72 Robert Litoff 25 Democrat
TX-21 R+13 (unopposed) 0 Lamar Smith* 100 Republican
TX-22 R+15 Nick Lampson* 45 Peter Olson 53 Republican
TX-23 R+4 Ciro Rodriguez* 56 Lyle Larson 42 Democrat
TX-24 R+15 Thomas Love 41 Kenny Marchant* 56 Republican
TX-25 D+1 Lloyd Doggett* 66 George Morovich 30 Democrat
TX-26 R+12 Ken Leach 37 Michael Burgess* 60 Republican
TX-27 R+1 Solomon Ortiz* 58 William Vaden 38 Democrat
TX-28 R+1 Henry Cuellar* 69 James Fish 29 Democrat
TX-29 D+8 Gene Green* 75 Eric Story 24 Democrat
TX-30 D+26 Eddie Johnson* 82 Fred Wood 16 Democrat
TX-31 R+15 Brian Ruiz 37 John Carter* 60 Republican
TX-32 R+11 Eric Roberson 41 Pete Sessions* 57 Republican
UT-01 R+26 Morgan Boweb 31 Rob Bishop* 65 Republican
UT-02 R+17 Jim Matheson* 63 Bill Dew 35 Democrat
UT-03 R+22 Bennion Spencer 28 Jason Chaffetz* 66 Republican
VT-AL D+8 Peter Welch* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
VA-01 R+9 Keith Hummel 42 Rob Wittman* 57 Republican
VA-02 R+6 Glenn Nye 52 Thelma Drake* 48 Democrat
VA-03 D+18 Robert Scott* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
VA-04 R+5 Andrea Miller 40 Randy Forbes* 60 Republican
VA-05 R+6 Tom Perriello ? Virgil Goode* ? Undecided
VA-06 R+11 Sam Rasoul 37 Bob Goodlatte* 61 Republican
VA-07 R+11 Anita Hartke 37 Eric Cantor* 63 Republican
VA-08 D+14 Jim Moran* 68 Mark Ellmore 30 Democrat
VA-09 R+7 Rick Boucher* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
VA-10 R+5 Judith Feder 39 Frank Wolf* 59 Republican
VA-11 R+1 Gerald Connolly 55 Keith Fimian* 43 Democrat
WA-01 D+7 Jay Inslee* 69 Larry Ishmael 31 Democrat
WA-02 D+3 Rick Larsen* 63 Rick Bart 37 Democrat
WA-03 D+0 Brian Baird* 64 Michael Delavar 36 Democrat
WA-04 R+13 George Fearing 37 Richard Hastings* 63 Republican
WA-05 R+7 Mark Mays 35 Cathy McMorris* 65 Republican
WA-06 D+6 Norm Dicks* 67 Doug Cloud 33 Democrat
WA-07 D+30 Jim McDermott* 84 Steve Beren 16 Democrat
WA-08 D+2 Darcy Burner ? Dave Reichert* ? Undecided
WA-09 D+6 Adam Smith* 66 (unopossed) 34 Democrat
WV-01 R+6 Alan Mollohan* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
WV-02 R+5 Anne Barth 43 Shelley Moore-Capito* 57 Republican
WV-03 D+0 Nick Rahall* 67 Gary Gearhart 33 Democrat
WI-01 R+2 Marge Krupp 35 Paul Ryan* 64 Republican
WI-02 D+13 Tammy Baldwin* 69 Peter Theron 31 Democrat
WI-03 D+3 Ron Kind* 63 Paul Stark 35 Democrat
WI-04 D+20 Gwen Moore* 100 (unopposed) 0 Democrat
WI-05 R+12 (unopposed) 0 Jim Sensenbrenner* 100 Republican
WI-06 R+5 Roger Kittelson 36 Tom Petri* 64 Republican
WI-07 D+2 Dave Obey* 61 Daniel Mielke 39 Democrat
WI-08 R+4 Steve Kagen* 54 John Gard 46 Democrat
WY-AL R+19 Gary Trauner 43 Cynthia Lummis* 53 Republican

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