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Senate Dem 58   GOP 41   Ties 1
House Dem 257   GOP 178  

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PW logo Gregg Confirms He's Being Considered Bush Still Trying to Keep Rove Quiet
Who Would Lynch Pick to Replace Gregg? Obama and Summers
Gregg Pondering Commerce Post RNC Vote May Take Multiple Ballots

News from the Votemaster

Updated Senate and House Race Pages

We have updated the pages about the 2010 Senate and 2010 House races. Both are listed on the menu below the map and will be updated whenever there is relevant news. Swing State Project has its first 2010 Senate rundown out now.

Update on the RNC Chairmanship Race

There has been a change in the race to become chairman of the Republican National Committee since yesterday's posting: Chip "Barack the Magic Negro" Saltsman has dropped out. He wasn't going to win anyway. It is likely that nobody will win on the first ballot, which means there may be a second one and a third one, and maybe even more.

Best case scenario for the Republicans: Michael Steele (Message: minorities are welcome in the GOP)
Best case scenario for the Democrats: Mike Duncan (Message: more of the same)

Blagojevich Convicted

To no one's surprise, the Illinois state senate convicted former governor Rod Blagojevich yesterday 59 to 0 and removed him from office. Next stop? Probably jail. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn (D) was sworn in as governor. People who think being lieutenant governor is a pretty pointless job should talk to Quinn or David Paterson some time.

Obama May Offer Gregg Commerce Post

The NY Times is reporting that President Obama is considering offering the vacant post of Secretary of Commerce to Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH). If he does offer it and Judd takes it, it would be a twofer. First, Gov. John Lynch (D-NH) would appoint a Democrat to Gregg's seat, giving the Democrats either 60 or 59 seats, depending on what happens in Minnesota. Second, by giving business a Republican as their representative in the cabinet, Obama would be strengthening his credentials with business and his general claim to be post partisan. Causing Mitch McConnell to have a conniption is not an official benefit of this idea, but merely an extra added attraction for Obama. It is not known if Gregg would take the job if offered, but he knows he is facing a hugely difficult reelection fight in 2010 in what has suddenly become a very blue state, something it wasn't in 2004.

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