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Republican Gubernatorial Runoff in South Carolina Today     Permalink

In South Carolina, state representative Nikki Haley (R) and Rep. Gresham Barrett (R) are in a runoff for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. The winner will face Vincent Sheheen (D) who won his primary cleanly whereas Haley fell just short of the required 50% mark in hers. She has been dogged by multiple accusations of infidelity, so far unproven. Haley is the favorite in the runoff and also in the general election unless more dirt comes out and is proven. If elected, she would be the state's first female governor and the nation's second Indian-American governor. Her maiden name is Nimrata Randhawa.

Democratic Senatorial Runoff in North Carolina Today     Permalink

North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall (D) and former state senator Cal Cunningham (D) are duking it out in a runoff today for the right to take on Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) in November. Cunningham is the establishment favorite, but Marshall got more votes (36%) than Cunningham (27%) in the May 4 primary. Only this time, businessman Ken Lewis (D) is not in the mix so a lot depends on where his votes go. This is the famous "cursed seat," which has flipped parties five times in a row, so Burr is going to have to work hard to break the curse.

Utah Senatorial Runoff Today for the Republicans     Permalink

At the state convention earlier this year, the assembled delegates did something that rarely happens: refuse to renominate a sitting senator, Bob Bennett (R-UT). His sin was not being conservative enough, even though he has near-perfect ratings from most conservative groups. But the tea partiers wanted blood and they got his. The candidates in today's runoff are businessman Tim Bridgewater (R) and attorney Mike Lee (R). The winner will face small businessman Sam Granato (D). To say that it is strange for a long-time senator to be defeated at a state convention and to have the general election be between two complete unknowns is an understatement, to put it mildly, but the electorate appears to be in a sour mood this year and odd things happen.

Runoffs in South Dakota and Mississippi Today     Permalink

South Dakota and Mississippi are also holding elections today but there are no marquee races on tap in either state.

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