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Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses     Permalink

Mitt Romney easily won the Nevada caucuses yesterday as expected. Vote counting is going extremely slowly because Republican officials in Nevada do not want a repeat of what happened in Iowa with the results being reported incorrectly on the night of the caucuses only to be corrected two weeks later. With 45% of the vote tallied as of 6 A.M. EST, the votes were as follows.

Candidate Votes Pct
Mitt Romney 7,089 43%
Newt Gingrich 4,323 26%
Ron Paul 3,061 18%
Rick Santorum 2,157 13%

If these results hold, it will be a blow to Ron Paul, who has worked hard in the state and hoped to come in second. The results also show that even in a state where a quarter of the Republican electorate consists of Mormons, Romney has a tough time cracking 50%. But as long as the opposition continues to be badly fragmented, Romney's ship will continue to have clear sailing.

Update 1: With 71% of the vote counted, it's Romney 48%, Gingrich 23%, Paul 19%, Santorum 11%
Update 2: With 100% counted, it's Romney 50%, Gingrich 21%, Paul 19%, Santorum 10%

Republican Primary and Caucus Schedule     Permalink

With Nevada behind us, it is time to move on to the next events. On Tuesday, Colorado and Minnesota will hold precinct-level caucuses to elect delegates to the county-level caucuses later in the Spring. In addition, Missouri will hold a completely useless beauty contest that will cost the taxpayers about $7 million but will select no delegates to the Republican National Convention. The actual selection process will begin March 17 at the Republican caucuses. State legislators passed a bill that would have moved the primary to a later date, but that bill contained many other items that Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO) found objectionable and vetoed.

One noteworthy aspect of the Missouri primary though is that Newt Gingrich didn't bother to get on the ballot (because no delegates will be selected). As a consequence, Rick Santorum has a chance to show what he can do in a key swing state absent Gingrich.

Below is a list of this year's dates of the Republican primaries and caucuses that occur before April 1, 2012.

State Delegates Date Type Winner
Iowa 28 January 3 Caucus Rick Santorum
New Hampshire 12 January 10 Primary Mitt Romney
South Carolina 25 January 21 Primary Newt Gingrich
Florida 50 January 31 Primary Mitt Romney
Nevada 28 February 4 Caucus Mitt Romney
Colorado 36 February 7 Caucus  
Minnesota 40 February 7 Caucus  
Missouri 0 February 7 Beauty contest  
Maine 24 February 11 Caucus  
Northern Marianas 9 February 11 Caucus  
Arizona 29 February 28 Primary  
Michigan 30 February 28 Primary  
Washington 43 March 3 Caucus  
Alaska 27 March 6 Caucus  
Georgia 76 March 6 Primary  
Idaho 32 March 6 Caucus  
Massachusetts 41 March 6 Primary  
North Dakota 28 March 6 Caucus  
Ohio 66 March 6 Primary  
Oklahoma 43 March 6 Primary  
Tennessee 58 March 6 Primary  
Vermont 17 March 6 Primary  
Virginia 49 March 6 Primary  
Guam 9 March 10 Caucus  
Kansas 40 March 10 Caucus  
Virgin Islands 9 March 10 Caucus  
Wyoming 29 March 10 Caucus  
Alabama 50 March 13 Primary  
American Samoa 9 March 13 Caucus  
Hawaii 20 March 13 Caucus  
Mississippi 40 March 13 Primary  
Missouri 52 March 17 Caucus  
Puerto Rico 23 March 18 Primary  
Illinois 69 March 20 Primary  
Louisiana 46 March 24 Primary  
Total 1196      

It is important to distinguish the elections before and after April 1 because the ones before it all require some form of allocating the delegates proportionally whereas those after it do not have this requirement. The states are free to determine themselves what "proportionally" means. One way is simply to say if a candidate gets x% of the vote he gets x% of the delegates. But that is not the only possibility. Another scheme is winner-take-all per county or per congressional district. In this scheme, you have to actually win in some geographical part of the state to get any delegates. The April 1 cutoff is especially important to Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul. Before this date, they can continue accumulating delegates, which increases their power at the convention. After April 1, Romney is likely to get a plurality in most, if not all, states, and thus all the delegates. So for the second tier, it is April 1 or bust.

Here is the schedule for primaries after April 1.

State Delegates Date Type Winner
District of Columbia 19 April 3 Primary                                    
Maryland 37 April 3 Primary                                    
Texas 155 April 3 Primary                                    
Wisconsin 42 April 3 Primary                                    
Connecticut 28 April 24 Primary                                    
Delaware 17 April 24 Primary                                    
New York 95 April 24 Primary                                    
Pennsylvania 72 April 24 Primary                                    
Rhode Island 19 April 24 Primary                                    
Indiana 46 May 8 Primary                                    
North Carolina 55 May 8 Primary                                    
West Virginia 31 May 8 Primary                                    
Nebraska 35 May 15 Primary                                    
Oregon 28 May 15 Primary                                    
Arkansas 36 May 22 Primary                                    
Kentucky 45 May 22 Primary                                    
California 172 June 5 Primary                                    
Montana 26 June 5 Primary                                    
New Jersey 50 June 5 Primary                                    
New Mexico 23 June 5 Primary                                    
South Dakota 28 June 5 Primary                                    
Utah 40 June 26 Primary                                    
Total 1099      

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-- The Votemaster

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