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Scavenger Hunt, Part V: John Roberts T-Shirts

Another group of Fourth of July scavenger hunt submissions. Here's the list of questions

  1. The single photograph or image that best encapsulates the Trump presidency. (click here and here)
  2. Something that would make a terrible Christmas gift for Joe Biden. (click here).
  3. A book that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would never, ever read. (click here).
  4. A t-shirt that would be very apropos for Chief Justice John Roberts to wear.
  5. The wisest, most insightful, or most pithy quote ever to be uttered by a politician or political figure (need not be limited to Americans). (Submit here)
  6. The worst bumper sticker, button, yard sign or other campaign-related ephemera in U.S. history. (Submit here)
  7. A portrayal of a key figure in U.S. history—image, song, verse, book, etc.—that is even more ridiculous than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Submit here)
  8. This isn't exactly a scavenger hunt type question, but we're going with it anyhow. Finish this joke: "Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar..." (Submit here)

We got quite a few good suggestions for this one, so you're going to get two days' worth. Here's the first set:

J.G. in Fredonia, NY, writes:

It says: 'Your Message Here'

Wink, wink to the Federalist Society.

J.W. in Kansas City, MO, writes:

Saul Goodman from 'Better Call Saul' and 'Breaking Bad'

Saul Goodman. Need I say more?

J.K. in Silverdale, WA, writes:

It says: 'Types of Hadaches: Migrane, Tension, Stress, Ethics'

Well, given recent reporting by Pro Publica, this one works.

W.R. in Tyson's Corner, VA, writes:

A kangaroo

Also submitted by: D.S.A. in Parish, NY

S.W. in Harrisburg, PA, writes:

It says: 'I'm with Stupid'

The Supreme Court's seating chart means that Clarence Thomas sits to Roberts' immediate right.

Also submitted by: G.R. in Clive, IA; J.A.C. in Northbrook, IL; S.K. in Sunnyvale, CA; S.N. in Pittsburgh, PA; J.S. in Sylmar, CA; D.R. in Tetovo, North Macedonia; S.M. in Morganton, GA

S.S. in West Hollywood, CA, writes:

It says: 'Pardon the Corruption'

J.G.P. in Glendale, AZ, writes:

It says: 'My Opinion Offended You? You Should Hear What I Keep to Myself'

Also submitted by: R.B. in Miami, FL

B.B. in Fort Collins, CO, writes:

It says: 'Support Our Billionaires'

K.H. in Lakewood, CO, writes:

It says: 'Just Calling Balls and Strikes,' while showing a bunch of overlapping strike zones

M.S. in Brooklyn, NY, writes:

It says: 'All Strikes, No Balls'

My own design.

M.W. in Frederick, MD, writes:

It says: 'Hey Ump, You Need to Check Your Voicemail Because You've Missed a Lot of Calls'

He and the other conservative justices like to think of themselves as umpires that call balls and strikes according to the Constitution. Even if they lived up to that description (spoiler alert: they don't), they are doing a bad job of it.

C.M. in Bridgewater, NJ, writes:

It shows a bunch of athletes whose uniforms are covered in sponsors' logos

Just get everyone who has paid him off to put their logo on his clothes so we know who owns him.

J.F. in Fort Worth, TX, writes:

It says: 'Make the Supreme Court Great Again'

A.J. in Mountain View, CA, writes:

It says: 'Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer' with the word 'Almost' inserted before 'a Lawyer'

I got this for my daughter who will be attending law school in the fall, but maybe it works here also.

E.C.-F. in Somerville, MA, writes:

It shows Cartman from 'South Park' and says: 'Respect My Authoritah'

More tomorrow! (Z)

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