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Today's Presidential Polls

Here is a batch of new polls from Morning Consult, all starting on July 1—so, 3 days after the debate. This gave people time to absorb the debate and learn about what the media had to say about it. Morning Consult is a professional pollster and is no doubt doing its best. They work for, among others, Bloomberg News, and getting it wrong is not good for future business. That said, the polls are a mixed bag compared to other polls. This suggests that there is a lot of volatility and quite a few people aren't sure what they will do. The election may well come down to which side is better at turnout. In any event, because Biden has not consistently tanked in all the swing states, he may decide to hang in there, despite increasingly many Democrats now pleading with him to drop out. This will lead to those famous "Democrats in disarray" news stories. Of course, most voters don't vote based on any kind of news stories. Our take is this round of polling at this moment may stiffen Biden's resolve to stay in. In the end, it's his call alone. (V)

State Joe Biden Donald Trump Start End Pollster
Arizona 45% 48% Jul 01 Jul 05 Morning Consult
Georgia 46% 47% Jul 01 Jul 04 Morning Consult
Michigan 48% 43% Jul 01 Jul 05 Morning Consult
North Carolina 43% 46% Jul 01 Jul 04 Morning Consult
Nevada 45% 48% Jul 01 Jul 04 Morning Consult
Pennsylvania 44% 51% Jul 01 Jul 04 Morning Consult
Wisconsin 47% 44% Jul 01 Jul 05 Morning Consult

Click on a state name for a graph of its polling history.

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