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Today's Presidential Polls

The Morning Consult polls of the swing states we had Sunday didn't look good for Biden and neither do these. Was it the debate? We don't know, but unless there is some systematic error, which is always possible, Biden needs to do something. And it should probably start with explaining why a doctor specializing in Parkinson's disease has visited the White House eight times this year. Maybe there is a good explanation, but Biden needs to be more open about his health status since that will be a major issue if he continues. Biden should probably also authorize Dr. Cannard to hold a press conference to discuss his findings. If there is really nothing there, that would help make the story go away. (V)

State Joe Biden Donald Trump Start End Pollster
Arizona 42% 46% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.
Georgia 42% 47% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.
Michigan 44% 45% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.
Nevada 41% 47% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.
Pennsylvania 43% 48% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.
Wisconsin 44% 47% Jun 30 Jul 02 Emerson Coll.

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