Nov. 03 absentee ballot for overseas voters

Senate Dem 52   GOP 46   Ind 1 Ties 1
House Dem 183   GOP 239   Ties 13

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4:30 P.M. EDT CNN Calls Colorado for Bennet     Permalink

With 90% of the precincts now reporting, CNN has called the Colorado Senate race for Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), who leads by 15,000 votes.

4:00 P.M. EDT More House Races Added     Permalink

11:55 A.M. EDT Several Governors' Races Still Not Determined     Permalink

While the results of most of the governors' races are now in, a few are still hanging in the balance. In Connecticut, Dan Malloy (D) has a lead of 1600 votes, with 92% of the precincts tallied. However, Republicans intend to go to court to fight a two-hour extension in parts of Bridgeport ordered by a judge yesterday due to a ballot shortage. They claim that these should not count. The votes have been kept separate from the other votes so they can be discarded if a future judge orders them to be.

In Illinois, Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL), who got his job when his predecessor was impeached and convicted, clings to an 8000-vote lead with 99% of the precincts reporting. However, the absentee ballots have yet to be counted.

In Maine, Republican Paul LePage leads independent Eliot Cutler by about 7500 votes with 92% of the precincts reporting. Democrat Libby Mitchell is far behind.

Oregon is another cliffhanger. Former pro basketball player Chris Dudley currently leads former governor John Kitzhaber (D) by 15,000 votes. However, tens of thousands of votes remain to be tallied in vote-rich Multnomah County, where Kitzhaber has been racking up 70% of the votes.

11:30 EDT CNN Calls Florida Governor's Race for Scott     Permalink

CNN has now declared Rick Scott (R) the winner in the Florida governor's contest. Initially Scott was given no chance at all, but he defeated Attorney General Bill McCollum in the Republican primary and has now apparently won the election. He currently leads by about 50,000 votes with 89% of the vote counted.

8:33 A.M. EDT Tea Party Costs Republicans Control of the Senate     Permalink

The Colorado, Alaska, and Washington Senate race results aren't final yet, but if Ken Buck wins in Colorado, Patty Murray wins in Washington, and Lisa Murkowski or Joe Miller wins in Alaska, the Democrats will end up with 51 seats in the Senate. Of these, six are tea party candidates: Ken Buck (R-CO), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rand Paul (R-KY), Pat Toomey (R-PA), Jim DeMint (R-SC), and Mike Lee (R-UT). So the tea party had a good night? In a way. DeMint is a popular incumbent and the guy running against him was a joke (possibly placed on the ballot by a dirty trick). Lee was an insurgent, but any Republican, including the incumbent Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT), could have won in Utah. Buck and Paul both won tough primaries and fought their way to victory. Toomey didn't have a primary but he did have a strong opponent in the general election. Rubio scared off Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) and ran an excellent campaign. So it looks like the tea party did well.

Not so fast. It's like the Sherlock Holmes case of the dog that did not bark. Suppose there had been no tea party movement at all. What would have happened? Almost assuredly Trey Grayson (R), Mitch McConnell's personal pick, would have won in Kentucky, Jane Norton would have won in Colorado against weak appointed Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Charlie Crist would have won in Florida as a Republican. Toomey has been running for the senate for years and probably would have won anyway, with or without the tea party. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski would have easily been elected and without the need for posters showing MUR + picture of cow + picture of ski to teach people her name. So in these races, what the tea party did was replace one Republican by another one. The tea party effect on the partisan composition of the Senate was nil here.

But what about Nevada and Delaware, where tea party candidates also won upsets in primaries? In Nevada, Harry Reid is exceedingly unpopular and weak. If the establishment Republican candidate, Sue Lowden, the former chair of the state party (and a former beauty queen to boot), had won, there is every reason to believe she would have beaten Reid. Reid's strategy against his actual opponent, Sharron Angle, was to paint her as a lunatic way outside the mainstream. That wouldn't have worked against Lowden. Conclusion: the tea party cost the Republicans Nevada.

Next is Delaware. If the enormously popular Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) had won his primary, he would have been the overwhelming favorite to win the Senate seat. In fact, the assumption that he would be the GOP nominee scared off all the state's top Democrats, including Attorney General Beau Biden, son of the Vice President. Conclusion: in the absence of Christine O'Donnell's tea-party powered win, the Republicans would have won this seat easily.

Adding them up we get 1 + 1 = 2. With conventional candidates, the Republicans would have won Nevada and Delaware, along with Kentucky, Colorado, Florida, Alaska, and Utah, albeit with different people (in Alaska, maybe the same person, but that is not clear yet). The only possible conclusion is that the tea party cost the Republicans control of the Senate. So now they are behind 49 to 51 instead of being ahead 51 to 49. Watch NRSC chairman grit his teeth while praising his winners today. He knows the score full well. Of course, he also knows the Democrats have 23 Senate seats on the line in 2012 vs. the Republicans 10.

Campaigning is one thing, governing is another. It is a given that no major legislation will pass the 112th Congress. Anything the tea party people dream up in the House will die in the Senate, often without even coming up for a vote. But there are a couple of bills that must pass. One coming up fairly soon is a bill to increase the limit on the federal debt. If the tea party winners really dig in their heels and refuse to approve a higher limit, it could lead to a government shutdown. Failure to pass a budget could also lead to one. Some people would be in favor of that--until they realize some of the consequences, which could include not sending out social security checks, grounding all commercial air traffic (which requires government TSA screeners at airports and government air traffic controllers), among other things.

Democrats Hold the Senate     Permalink

By the narrowest of margins, the Democrats appear to have held the Senate. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) decisively won his race over tea party favorite Sharron Angle (R), but tea party candidates won Senate races in Kentucky, Florida, Utah, and Pennsylvania. In Alaska, "write-in" came in first with 40% with Joe Miller second at 34%. That may be a large enough margin that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) survives any recounts and court battles.

In Colorado, Ken Buck (R) is leading by several thousand votes, but there are many provisional and absentee ballots yet to be counted. It could still go either way.

Washington is also close, but Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) has a slightly bigger lead there than Buck has in Colorado. Here, too, the overseas and provisional ballots may be decisive.

GOP Sweeps House     Permalink

The Republican Party swept to power in the House yesterday, winning at least 54 seats. At present the score is 234 for the Republicans and 180 for the Democrats, with 21 seats, mostly in the West, still not counted. By any measure, the country is going through a difficult period, this being the third straight wave election in a row. With 2012 being a presidential year, which generally favors the incumbent party, 2012 could be the fourth wave in a row, putting Democrats back in power again, especially if the newly elected Republicans are unable to produce results. All the polls have shown that while the voters are angry with the Democrats, they have even less faith in the Republicans.

Collecting the House results will take some time. Some of the races are at the bottom of this page. Just keep scrolling down.

Republicans Pick Up Governor's Seats     Permalink

Many states had hot battles for the governor's mansion. The party in control changed in at least California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio,Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. All of these are changes from a Democrat to a Republican except California, where Jerry Brown won easily from Meg Whitman. Minnesota, Illinois, Vermont, Connecticut, and Florida are still too close to call. The current state of he governors' races is given at the bottom of the page.

California Bucks the Trend     Permalink

California often goes its own way and it did so again yesterday. While Republicans were running the table everywhere else, they didn't fare so well in the Golden State. Jerry Brown (D), once the state's youngest governor, now becomes the state's oldest governor. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) kept her seat in a tough race against Carly Fiorina (R). The state elected a Democratic lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom, a Democratic Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, a Democratic Treasurer, Bill Lockyer, a Democratic Controller, John Chiang, and a Democratic Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones. The Attorney General's race is too close to call.

Californians also got to vote on many propositions. Prop. 19, which would have legalized marijuana, failed, getting only 46% of the vote. Proposition 23, which would have gutted the state's tough antipollution laws, failed with only 40% of the vote. Prop. 25, which would allow the state budget to pass with a simple majority vote in the state assembly and senate passed with 55% of the vote.

Prop. 20 also passed. It takes the job of redistricting the state's congressional districts out of the hands of the state legislature and gives it to a citizen's commission. The citizens on the commission are chosen by a board of three accountants picked at random. While this sounds like a good way to end gerrymandering at first glance, the idea of taking control of the process away from elected officials and giving the real power to three random accountants is hardly democracy in action. By the luck of the draw, the three accountants could all be Democrats or all be Republicans. Also, who says accountants are the best people to pick the commission? Why not one teacher, one nurse, and one firefighter. It's completely arbitrary.

Senate Results

State Democrat D % Republican R % I I % Start End Source
Alaska Scott McAdams 25% Joe Miller 34% Lisa Murkowski 39% Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Alabama William Barnes 35% Richard Shelby* 65%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Arkansas Blanche Lincoln* 38% John Boozman 57%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Arizona Rodney Glassman 35% John McCain* 59%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
California Barbara Boxer* 48% Carly Fiorina 47%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Colorado Michael Bennet* 47% Ken Buck 48%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Connecticut Richard Blumenthal 53% Linda McMahon 45%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Delaware Chris Coons 57% Christine O-Donnell 40%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Florida Kendrick Meek 20% Marco Rubio 49% Charlie Crist 30% Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Georgia Mike Thurmond 39% Johnny Isakson* 59%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Hawaii Daniel Inouye 76% Cam Cavasso 21%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Iowa Roxanne Conlin 33% Chuck Grassley* 65%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Idaho Tom Sullivan 23% Mike Crapo* 73%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Illinois Alexi Giannoulias 46% Mark Kirk 48%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Indiana Brad Ellsworth 40% Dan Coats 55%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Kansas Lisa Johnston 26% Jerry Moran 70%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Kentucky Jack Conway 44% Rand Paul 56%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Louisiana Charlie Melancon 38% David Vitter* 57%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Maryland Barbara Mikulski* 62% Eric Wargotz 37%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Missouri Robin Carnahan 39% Roy Blunt 55%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
North Carolina Elaine Marshall 43% Richard Burr* 55%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
North Dakota Tracy Potter 22% John Hoeven 76%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
New Hampshire Paul Hodes 37% Kelly Ayotte 60%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Nevada Harry Reid* 50% Sharron Angle 45%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
New York Kirsten Gillibrand* 62% Joseph DioGuardi 36%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Ohio Lee Fisher 39% Rob Portman 57%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Oklahoma Jim Rogers 26% Tom Coburn* 71%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Oregon Ron Wyden* 56% Jim Huffman 41%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Pennsylvania Joe Sestak 49% Pat Toomey 51%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
South Carolina Alvin Greene 28% Jim DeMint* 63%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
South Dakota (No Democrat) 00% John Thune* 99%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Utah Sam Granato 32% Mike Lee 62%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Vermont Pat Leahy* 64% Len Britton 31%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Washington Patty Murray* 51% Dino Rossi 49%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
Wisconsin Russ Feingold* 46% Ron Johnson 53%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election
West Virginia Joe Manchin 54% John Raese 43%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Election

House Results     Permalink

CD Democrat D % Republican R % Winner
AK-AL Harry Crawford 31% Don Young* 69% GOP
AL-01 (Unopposed) 00% Jo Bonner* 83% GOP
AL-02 Bobby Bright* 49% Martha Roby 51% GOP
AL-03 Steve Segrest 41% Mike Rogers* 59% GOP
AL-04 (Unopposed) 00% Robert Aderholt* 99% GOP
AL-05 Steve Raby 42% Mo Brooks 58% GOP
AL-06 (Unopposed) 00% Spencer Bachus* 99% GOP
AL-07 Terri Sewell 72% Don Chamberlain 28% Dem
AR-02 Joyce Elliott 38% Tim Griffin 58% GOP
AZ-01 Ann Kirkpatrick* 44% Paul Gosar 50% GOP
AZ-02 John Thrasher 31% Trent Franks* 65% GOP
AZ-03 Jon Hulburd 41% Ben Quayle 53% GOP
AZ-04 Ed Pastor* 65% Janet Contreras 29% Dem
AZ-05 Harry Mitchell* 42% David Schweikert 53% GOP
AZ-06 Rebecca Schneider 29% Jeff Flake* 66% GOP
AZ-07 Raul Grijalva* 49% Ruth McClung 46% Dem
AZ-08 Gabrielle Giffords* 49% Jesse Kelly 48% Dem
CA-03 Ami Bera 43% Dan Lungren* 51% GOP
CA-04 Clint Curtis 32% Tom McClintock* 61% GOP
CA-05 Doris Matsui* 72% Paul Smith 26% Dem
CA-06 Lynn Woolsey* 65% Jim Judd 30% Dem
CA-07 George Miller* 67% Rick Tubbs 33% Dem
CA-08 Nancy Pelosi* 80% John Dennis 15% Dem
CA-09 Barbara Lee* 83% Gerald Hashimoto 12% Dem
CA-10 John Garamendi* 58% Gary Clift 38% Dem
CA-11 Jerry McNerney* 47% David Harmer 47% ?
CA-12 Jackie Speier* 75% Mike Moloney 23% Dem
CA-13 Pete Stark* 72% Forest Baker 28% Dem
CA-18 Dennis Cardoza* 58% Michael Berryhill 42% Dem
CA-19 Lorraine Goodwin 35% Jeff Denham 65% GOP
CA-20 Jim Costa* 49% Andy Vidak 51% GOP
CA-21 (Unopposed) 00% Devin Nunes* 99% GOP
CA-22 (Unopposed) 00% Kevin McCarthy* 99% GOP
CA-23 Lois Capps* 57% Tom Watson 38% Dem
CA-24 Timothy Allison 40% Elton Gallegly* 60% GOP
CA-29 Adam Schiff* 65% John Colbert 32% Dem
CA-30 Henry Waxman* 65% Chuck Wilkerson 32% Dem
CA-31 Xavier Becerra* 84% Stephen Smith 16% Dem
CA-32 Judy Chu* 71% Ed Schmerling 29% Dem
CA-33 Karen Bass 86% James Andion 14% Dem
CA-34 Lucille Roybal-Allard* 77% Wayne Miller 23% Dem
CA-35 Maxine Waters* 79% Bruce Brown 21% Dem
CA-36 Jane Harman* 60% Mattie Fein 35% Dem
CA-37 Laura Richardson* 69% Star Parker 23% Dem
CA-38 Grace Napolitano* 74% Robert Vaughn 26% Dem
CA-39 Linda Sanchez* 64% Larry Andre 32% Dem
CA-40 Christina Avalos 33% Ed Royce* 67% GOP
CA-46 Ken Arnold 38% Dana Rohrabacher* 62% GOP
CA-47 Loretta Sanchez* 51% Van Tran 42% Dem
CA-48 Beth Krom 36% John Campbell* 60% GOP
CO-03 John Salazar* 46% Scott Tipton 50% GOP
CT-01 John Larson* 62% Ann Brickley 37% Dem
DE-AL John Carney 57% Glen Urquhart 41% Dem
FL-01 (Unopposed) 00% Jeff Miller* 81% GOP
FL-02 Allen Boyd* 41% Steve Southerland 54% GOP
FL-03 Corrine Brown* 63% Mike Yost 34% Dem
FL-04 (Unopposed) 00% Ander Crenshaw* 77% GOP
FL-05 Jim Piccillo 33% Rich Nugent 67% GOP
FL-06 (Unopposed) 00% Cliff Stearns* 71% GOP
FL-07 Heather Beaven 31% John Mica* 69% GOP
FL-08 Alan Grayson* 38% Dan Webster 56% GOP
FL-09 Anita de Palma 29% Gus Bilirakis* 71% GOP
FL-10 Charlie Justice 34% Bill Young* 66% GOP
FL-11 Kathy Castor* 60% Mike Prendergast 40% Dem
FL-12 Lori Edwards 41% Dennis Ross 48% GOP
FL-13 James Golden 31% Vern Buchanan* 69% GOP
FL-14 James Roach 28% Connie Mack* 68% GOP
FL-15 Shannon Roberts 35% Bill Posey* 65% GOP
FL-16 Jim Horn 33% Tom Rooney* 67% GOP
FL-17 Frederica Wilson 86% (Unopposed) 00% Dem
FL-18 Rolando Banciella 31% Ileana Ros-Lehtinen* 69% GOP
FL-19 Ted Deutch* 63% Joe Budd 37% Dem
FL-20 Debbie Wasserman Schultz* 60% Karen Harrington 38% Dem
FL-21 (Unopposed) 00% Mario Diaz-Balart 99% GOP
FL-22 Ron Klein* 46% Allen West 54% GOP
FL-23 Alcee Hastings* 79% Bernard Sansaricq 21% Dem
FL-24 Suzanne Kosmas* 40% Sandy Adams 60% GOP
FL-25 Joe Garcia 42% David Rivera 52% GOP
GA-01 Oscar Harris 28% Jack Kingston* 72% GOP
GA-02 Sanford Bishop* 51% Mike Keown 49% Dem
GA-03 Frank Saunders 31% Lynn Westmoreland* 69% GOP
GA-04 Hank Johnson* 75% Liz Carter 25% Dem
GA-05 John Lewis* 74% Fenn Little 26% Dem
GA-06 (Unopposed) 00% Tom Price* 99% GOP
GA-07 Doug Heckman 33% Rob Woodall 67% GOP
GA-08 Jim Marshall* 47% Austin Scott 53% GOP
GA-09 (Unopposed) 00% Tom Graves* 99% GOP
GA-10 Russell Edwards 33% Paul Broun* 67% GOP
GA-11 (Unopposed) 00% Phil Gingrey* 99% GOP
GA-12 John Barrow* 57% Raymond McKinney 43% Dem
GA-13 David Scott* 69% Mike Crane 31% Dem
HI-01 Colleen Hanabusa 53% Charles Djou* 47% Dem
HI-02 Mazie Hirono* 72% John Willoughby 25% Dem
IA-01 Bruce Braley* 49% Benjamin Lange 48% Dem
IA-02 David Loebsack* 51% Mariannette Miller-Meeks 46% Dem
IA-03 Leonard Boswell* 51% Brad Zaun 47% Dem
IA-04 Bill Maske 32% Tom Latham* 66% GOP
IA-05 Matthew Campbell 32% Steve King* 66% GOP
IL-01 Bobby Rush* 80% Ray Wardingley 16% Dem
IL-02 Jesse Jackson Jr.* 80% Isaac Hayes 14% Dem
IL-03 Dan Lipinski* 70% Michael Bendas 24% Dem
IL-04 Luis Gutierrez* 77% Israel Vasquez 14% Dem
IL-05 Michael Quigley* 71% David Ratowitz 25% Dem
IL-06 Benjamin Lowe 36% Peter Roskam* 64% GOP
IL-07 Danny Davis* 81% Mark Weiman 16% Dem
IL-08 Melissa Bean* 48% Joe Walsh 49% GOP
IL-09 Jan Schakowsky* 66% Joel Pollak 32% Dem
IL-10 Daniel Seals 49% Robert Dold 51% GOP
IL-11 Debbie Halvorson* 43% Adam Kinzinger 57% GOP
IL-12 Jerry Costello* 60% Teri Newman 37% Dem
IL-13 Scott Harper 36% Judy Biggert* 64% GOP
IL-14 Bill Foster* 45% Randy Hultgren 51% GOP
IL-15 David Gill 36% Tim Johnson* 64% GOP
IL-16 George Gaulrapp 31% Donald Manzullo* 65% GOP
IL-17 Phil Hare* 42% Bobby Schilling 53% GOP
IL-18 D.K. Hirner 26% Aaron Schock* 69% GOP
IL-19 Tim Bagwell 29% John Shimkus* 71% GOP
IN-01 Pete Visclosky* 59% Mark Leyva 39% Dem
IN-02 Joe Donnelly* 48% Jackie Walorski 47% Dem
IN-03 Tom Hayhurst 33% Marlin Stutzman 63% GOP
IN-04 David Sanders 26% Todd Rokita 69% GOP
IN-05 Tim Crawford 25% Dan Burton* 62% GOP
IN-06 Barry Welsh 30% Mike Pence* 67% GOP
IN-07 Andre Carson* 59% Marvin Scott 38% Dem
IN-08 Trent VanHaaften 38% Larry Bucshon 57% GOP
IN-09 Baron Hill* 42% Todd Young 52% GOP
KS-01 Alan Jilka 23% Tim Huelskamp 74% GOP
KS-02 Cheryl Hudspeth 32% Lynn Jenkins* 63% GOP
KS-03 Stephene Moore 38% Kevin Yoder 59% GOP
KY-01 Charles Kendall Hatchett 29% Ed Whitfield* 71% GOP
KY-02 Ed Marksberry 32% Brett Guthrie* 68% GOP
KY-03 John Yarmuth* 55% Todd Lally 44% Dem
KY-04 John Waltz 31% Geoff Davis* 69% GOP
KY-05 Jim Holbert 23% Hal Rogers* 77% GOP
LA-01 Myron Katz 19% Steve Scalise* 79% GOP
LA-02 Cedric Richmond 65% Joseph Cao* 33% Dem
LA-03 Ravi Sangisetty 36% Jeff Landry 64% GOP
LA-04 David Melville 32% John Fleming* 62% GOP
LA-05 (Unopposed) 00% Rodney Alexander 79% GOP
LA-06 Merritt McDonald 34% Bill Cassidy* 66% GOP
LA-07 (Unopposed) 00% Charles Boustany 99% GOP
MA-01 John Olver* 60% William Gunn 34% Dem
MA-03 Jim McGovern* 56% Marty Lamb 39% Dem
MA-04 Barney Frank* 54% Sean Bielat 43% Dem
MA-08 Mike Capuano** 00% (Unopposed) 99% GOP
MA-10 Bill Keating 47% Jeff Perry 42% Dem
MD-01 Frank Kratovil* 42% Andy Harris 55% GOP
MD-02 Dutch Ruppersberger* 64% Marcelo Cardarelli 33% Dem
MD-04 Donna Edwards* 84% Robert Broadus 16% Dem
MD-05 Steny Hoyer* 64% Charles Lollar 35% Dem
MD-06 Andrew Duck 33% Roscoe Bartlett* 62% GOP
MD-07 Elijah Cummings* 75% Frank Mirabile 23% Dem
MD-08 Chris Van Hollen* 73% Michael Philips 25% Dem
MI-01 Gary McDowell 41% Dan Benishek 52% GOP
MI-02 Fred Johnson 32% Bill Huizenga 65% GOP
MI-03 Pat Miles 37% Justin Amash 60% GOP
MI-04 Jerry Campbell 31% Dave Camp* 66% GOP
MI-05 Dale Kildee* 53% John Kuipec 44% Dem
MI-06 Don Cooney 34% Fred Upton* 62% GOP
MI-07 Mark Schauer* 45% Tim Walberg 50% GOP
MI-08 Lance Enderle 34% Mike Rogers* 64% GOP
MI-10 Henry Yanez 25% Candice Miller* 72% GOP
MI-11 Natalie Mosher 38% Thad McCotter* 59% GOP
MI-12 Sander Levin* 61% Don Volaric 35% Dem
MI-13 Hansen Clarke 79% John Hauler 19% Dem
MI-15 John Dingell* 57% Rob Steele 40% Dem
MN-01 Tim Walz* 49% Randy Demmer 44% Dem
MN-02 Shelly Madore 37% John Kline* 63% GOP
MN-03 Jim Meffert 37% Erik Paulsen* 59% GOP
MN-04 Betty McCollum* 50% Teresa Collett 35% Dem
MN-05 Keith Ellison* 68% Joel Demos 24% Dem
MN-06 Tarryl Clark 40% Michele Bachmann* 53% GOP
MN-07 Collin Peterson* 55% Lee Byberg 38% Dem
MN-08 Jim Oberstar* 47% Chip Cravaack 48% GOP
MO-01 William Lacy Clay Jr.* 74% Robyn Hamlin 24% Dem
MO-02 Arthur Lieber 29% Todd Akin* 68% GOP
MO-03 Russ Carnahan* 49% Ed Martin 47% Dem
MO-04 Ike Skelton* 45% Vicky Hartzler 50% GOP
MO-05 Emanuel Cleaver* 53% Jacob Turk 44% Dem
MO-06 Clint Hylton 31% Sam Graves* 69% GOP
MO-07 Scott Eckersley 30% Billy Long 63% GOP
MO-08 Tommy Sowers 29% Jo-Ann Emerson* 66% GOP
MO-09 (Unopposed) 00% Blaine Luetkemeyer* 78% GOP
MS-01 Travis Childers* 41% Alan Nunnelee 55% GOP
MS-04 Gene Taylor* 47% Steven Palazzo 52% GOP
MT-AL Dennis McDonald 34% Denny Rehberg* 61% GOP
NC-01 G.K. Butterfield* 59% Ashley Woolard 41% Dem
NC-02 Bob Etheridge* 49% Renee Ellmers 50% GOP
NC-03 Johnny Rouse 26% Walter Jones* 72% GOP
NC-04 David Price* 57% B.J. Lawson 43% Dem
NC-05 William Kennedy 34% Virginia Foxx* 66% GOP
NC-06 Gregory Scott Turner 25% Howard Coble* 75% GOP
NC-07 Mike McIntyre* 54% Ilario Pantano 46% Dem
NC-08 Larry Kissell* 53% Harold Johnson 44% Dem
NC-09 Jeff Doctor 31% Sue Myrick* 69% GOP
NC-10 Jeff Gregory 29% Patrick McHenry* 71% GOP
NC-11 Heath Shuler* 54% Jeff Miller 46% Dem
NC-12 Mel Watt* 64% Greg Dority 34% Dem
NC-13 Brad Miller* 55% William Randall 45% Dem
ND-AL Earl Pomeroy* 45% Rick Berg 55% GOP
NE-01 Ivy Harper 29% Jeff Fortenberry* 71% GOP
NE-02 Tom White 39% Lee Terry* 61% GOP
NE-03 Rebekah Davis 18% Adrian Smith* 70% GOP
NJ-01 Rob Andrews* 63% Dale Glading 35% Dem
NJ-02 Gary Stein 31% Frank LoBiondo* 66% GOP
NJ-03 John Adler* 47% Jon Runyan 50% GOP
NJ-04 Howard Kleinhendler 28% Chris Smith* 69% GOP
NJ-05 Tod Thiese 33% Scott Garrett* 65% GOP
NJ-06 Frank Pallone* 55% Anna Little 44% Dem
NJ-07 Ed Potosnak 41% Leonard Lance* 59% GOP
NJ-08 Bill Pascrell* 63% Roland Straten 36% Dem
NJ-11 Douglas Herbert 31% Rodney Frelinghuysen* 67% GOP
NJ-12 Rush Holt* 53% Scott Sipprelle 46% Dem
NM-01 Martin Heinrich* 52% Jon Barela 48% Dem
NM-02 Harry Teague* 45% Steve Pearce 55% GOP
NM-03 Ben Lujan* 57% Tom Mullins 43% Dem
NV-01 Shelley Berkley* 62% Kenneth Wegner 35% Dem
NV-02 Nancy Price 33% Dean Heller* 63% GOP
NV-03 Dina Titus* 47% Joe Heck 48% GOP
NY-01 Tim Bishop* 51% Randy Altschuler 49% Dem
NY-03 Howard Kudler 28% Peter King* 72% GOP
NY-05 Gary Ackerman* 62% James Milano 37% Dem
NY-06 Gregory Meeks* 85% Asher Taub 15% Dem
NY-07 Joseph Crowley* 80% Ken Reynolds 19% Dem
NY-08 Jerrold Nadler* 75% Susan Kone 25% Dem
NY-09 Anthony Weiner* 59% Bob Turner 41% Dem
NY-10 Ed Towns* 91% Diana Muniz 07% Dem
NY-11 Yvette Clarke* 90% Hugh Carr 10% Dem
NY-12 Nydia Velazquez* 93% (Unopposed) 00% Dem
NY-13 Mike McMahon* 48% Michael Grimm 51% GOP
NY-14 Carolyn Maloney* 75% Ryan Brumberg 22% Dem
NY-15 Charlie Rangel* 80% Michel Faulkner 10% Dem
NY-16 Jose Serrano* 95% Frank Della Valle 05% Dem
NY-19 John Hall* 47% Nan Hayworth 53% GOP
NY-20 Scott Murphy* 45% Christopher Gibson 55% GOP
NY-21 Paul Tonko* 59% Theodore Danz 41% Dem
NY-22 Maurice Hinchey* 52% George Phillips 48% Dem
NY-23 Bill Owens* 48% Matt Doheny 46% Dem
NY-26 Philip Fedele 26% Chris Lee* 74% GOP
NY-27 Brian Higgins* 61% Leonard Roberto 39% Dem
OH-01 Steven Driehaus* 45% Steve Chabot 52% GOP
OH-02 Surya Yalamanchili 35% Jean Schmidt* 59% GOP
OH-03 Joe Roberts 31% Mike Turner* 69% GOP
OH-04 Doug Litt 25% Jim Jordan* 72% GOP
OH-05 Caleb Finkenbiner 26% Bob Latta* 68% GOP
OH-06 Charlie Wilson* 45% Bill Johnson 50% GOP
OH-07 Bill Conner 32% Steve Austria* 63% GOP
OH-08 Justin Coussoule 30% John Boehner* 66% GOP
OH-09 Marcy Kaptur* 59% Rich Iott 41% Dem
OH-10 Dennis Kucinich* 53% Peter Corrigan 44% Dem
OH-11 Marcia Fudge* 82% Matt Brakey 18% Dem
OH-12 Paula Brooks 40% Pat Tiberi* 56% GOP
OH-13 Betty Sutton* 55% Tom Ganley 45% Dem
OH-14 William O'Neill 31% Steve LaTourette* 65% GOP
OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy* 41% Steve Stivers 55% GOP
OH-16 John Boccieri* 41% Jim Renacci 52% GOP
OH-17 Tim Ryan* 54% Jim Graham 30% Dem
OH-18 Zack Space* 40% Bob Gibbs 54% GOP
OK-01 (Unopposed) 00% John Sullivan* 77% GOP
OK-02 Dan Boren* 57% Charles Thompson 43% Dem
OK-03 Frankie Robbins 22% Frank Lucas* 78% GOP
OK-04 (Unopposed) 00% Tom Cole* 99% GOP
OK-05 Billy Coyle 35% James Lankford 62% GOP
PA-01 Bob Brady* 99% Pia Varma 00% Dem
PA-02 Chaka Fattah* 89% Rick Hellberg 11% Dem
PA-03 Kathy Dahlkemper* 44% Mike Kelly 56% GOP
PA-04 Jason Altmire* 51% Keith Rothfuss 49% Dem
PA-05 Michael Pipe 28% G.T. Thompson* 69% GOP
PA-06 Manan Trivedi 43% Jim Gerlach* 57% GOP
PA-07 Bryan Lentz 44% Patrick Meehan 55% GOP
PA-08 Patrick Murphy* 46% Mike Fitzpatrick 54% GOP
PA-09 Tom Conners 27% Bill Shuster* 73% GOP
PA-10 Chris Carney* 45% Thomas Marino 55% GOP
PA-11 Paul Kanjorski* 45% Lou Barletta 55% GOP
PA-12 Mark Critz* 51% Tim Burns 49% Dem
PA-13 Allyson Schwartz* 56% Carson Adcock 44% Dem
PA-14 Mike Doyle* 69% Melissa Haluszczak 28% Dem
PA-15 John Callahan 39% Charlie Dent* 54% GOP
PA-16 Lois Herr 35% Joe Pitts* 65% GOP
PA-17 Tim Holden* 56% Dave Argall 44% Dem
PA-18 Dan Connolly 33% Tim Murphy* 67% GOP
PA-19 Ryan Sanders 23% Todd Platts* 72% GOP
RI-01 David Cicilline 51% John Loughlin 45% Dem
RI-02 Jim Langevin* 60% Mark Zaccaria 32% Dem
SC-01 Ben Frasier 29% Tim Scott 65% GOP
SC-02 Robert Miller 44% Joe Wilson* 54% GOP
SC-03 Jane Ballard Dyer 36% Jeff Duncan 63% GOP
SC-04 Paul Corden 29% Trey Gowdy 64% GOP
SC-05 John Spratt* 45% Mick Mulvaney 55% GOP
SC-06 Jim Clyburn* 63% Jim Pratt 36% Dem
SD-AL Stephanie Herseth Sandlin* 46% Kristi Noem 48% GOP
TN-01 Michael Clark 17% Phil Roe* 81% GOP
TN-02 Dave Hancock 15% Jimmy Duncan Jr.* 82% GOP
TN-03 John Wolfe Jr. 28% Charles Fleischmann 57% GOP
TN-04 Lincoln Davis* 38% Scott DesJarlais 57% GOP
TN-05 Jim Cooper* 57% David Hall 42% Dem
TN-06 Brett Carter 29% Diane Black 87% GOP
TN-07 Greg Rabidoux 25% Marsha Blackburn* 72% GOP
TN-08 Roy Herron 39% Stephen Fincher 59% GOP
TN-09 Steve Cohen* 74% Charlotte Bergmann 25% Dem
TX-01 (Unopposed) 00% Louie Gohmert* 90% GOP
TX-03 John Lingenfelder 31% Sam Johnson* 66% GOP
TX-04 VaLinda Hathcox 22% Ralph Hall* 73% GOP
TX-05 Tom Berry 28% Jeb Hensarling* 71% GOP
TX-06 David Kozad 31% Joe Barton* 66% GOP
TX-08 Kent Hargett 18% Kevin Brady* 80% GOP
TX-11 James Quillan 15% Mike Conaway* 81% GOP
TX-12 Tracey Smith 25% Kay Granger* 72% GOP
TX-13 (Unopposed) 00% Mac Thornberry* 87% GOP
TX-14 Robert Pruett 24% Ron Paul* 76% GOP
TX-15 Ruben Hinojosa* 56% Eddie Zamora 42% Dem
TX-16 Silvestre Reyes* 58% Tim Besco 37% Dem
TX-17 Chet Edwards* 37% Bill Flores 62% GOP
TX-19 Andy Wilson 19% Randy Neugebauer* 78% GOP
TX-20 Charlie Gonzalez* 64% Clayton Trotter 34% Dem
TX-21 Laney Melnick 28% Lamar Smith* 69% GOP
TX-23 Ciro Rodriguez* 44% Quico Canseco 49% GOP
TX-24 (Unopposed) 00% Kenny Marchant* 82% GOP
TX-25 Lloyd Doggett* 53% Donna Campbell 45% Dem
TX-26 Neil Durrance 31% Michael Burgess* 67% GOP
TX-27 Solomon Ortiz* 47% Blake Farenthold 48% GOP
TX-28 Henry Cuellar* 56% Bryan Underwood 42% Dem
TX-30 Eddie Bernice Johnson* 76% Stephen Broden 22% Dem
TX-31 (Unopposed) 00% John Carter* 83% GOP
TX-32 Grier Raggio 35% Pete Sessions* 63% GOP
UT-01 Morgan Bowen 24% Rob Bishop* 69% GOP
UT-02 Jim Matheson* 51% Morgan Philpot 46% Dem
UT-03 Karen Hyer 23% Jason Chaffetz* 72% GOP
VA-01 Krystal Ball 35% Rob Wittman* 64% GOP
VA-02 Glenn Nye* 42% Scott Rigell 53% GOP
VA-03 Bobby Scott* 70% Chuck Smith 27% Dem
VA-04 Wynne LeGrow 38% Randy Forbes* 62% GOP
VA-05 Tom Perriello* 47% Robert Hurt 51% GOP
VA-06 (Unopposed) 00% Bob Goodlatte* 77% GOP
VA-07 Rick Waugh 34% Eric Cantor* 59% GOP
VA-08 Jim Moran* 61% Patrick Murray 37% Dem
VA-09 Rick Boucher* 46% Morgan Griffith 51% GOP
VA-10 Jeff Barnett 34% Frank Wolf* 64% GOP
VA-11 Gerry Connolly* 49% Keith Fimian 49% ?
WI-01 John Heckenlively 30% Paul Ryan* 68% GOP
WI-02 Tammy Baldwin* 62% Chad Lee 38% Dem
WI-03 Ron Kind* 50% Dan Kapanke 46% Dem
WI-04 Gwen Moore* 69% Dan Sebring 30% Dem
WI-05 Todd Kolosso 27% Jim Sensenbrenner* 70% GOP
WI-06 Joseph Kallas 29% Tom Petri* 71% GOP
WI-07 Julie Lassa 44% Sean Duffy 52% GOP
WV-01 Mike Oliverio 50% David McKinley 50% ?
WV-02 Virginia Lynch-Graf 30% Shelley Capito* 68% GOP
WV-03 Nick Rahall* 56% Eliott Maynard 44% Dem
WY-AL David Wendt 25% Cynthia Lummis* 71% GOP

Governors' Races     Permalink

State Democrat D % Republican R % Independent I % Winner
Alaska Ethan Berkowitz 38% Sean Parnell 59%     GOP
Alabama Ron Sparks 42% Robert Bentley 58%     GOP
Arkansas Mike Beebe 65% Jim Keet 33%     Dem
Arizona Terry Goddard 42% Jan Brewer 55%     GOP
California Jerry Brown 54% Meg Whitman 41%     Dem
Colorado John Hickenlooper 50% Dan Maes 11% Tom Tancredo 37% Dem
Connecticut Dan Malloy 49% Tom Foley 50%     ?
Florida Alex Sink 48% Rick Scott 49%     ?
Georgia Roy Barnes 43% Nathan Deal 55%     GOP
Hawaii Neil Abercrombie 58% James Aiona 41%     Dem
Iowa Chet Culver 43% Terry Brandstad 53%     GOP
Idaho Keith Allred 33% Butch Otter 59%     GOP
Illinois Pat Quinn 46% Bill Brady 46%     ?
Kansas Tom Holland 32% Sam Brownback 63%     GOP
Massachusetts Deval Patrick 49% Charlie Baker 42% Tim Cahill 8% Dem
Maryland Martin O'Malley 56% Bob Ehrlich 42%     Dem
Maine Libby Mitchell 19% Paul LePage 38% Eliot Cutler 37% GOP
Michigan Virg Bernero 40% Rick Snyder 58%     GOP
Minnesota Mark Dayton 44% Tom Emmer 43%     ?
Nebraska Mike Meister 26% Dave Heineman 74%     GOP
New Hampshire John Lynch 52% John Stephen 46%     Dem
New Mexico Diane Denish 46% Susana Martinez 54%     GOP
Nevada Rory Reid 41% Brian Sandoval 53%     GOP
New York Andrew Cuomo 62% Carl Paladino 34%     Dem
Ohio Ted Strickland 47% John Kasich 49%     GOP
Oklahoma Jari Askins 40% Mary Fallin 60%     GOP
Oregon John Kitzhaber 48% Chris Dudley 50%     GOP
Pennsylvania Dan Onorato 45% Tom Corbett 55%     GOP
Rhode Island Frank Caprio 23% John Robitaille 34% Lincoln Chafee 36% Ind.
South Carolina Vincent Sheheen 47% Nikki Haley 51%     GOP
South Dakota Scott Heidepriem 38% Dennis Daugaard 62%     GOP
Tennessee Mike McWherter 33% Bill Haslam 65%     GOP
Texas Bill White 42% Rick Perry 55%     GOP
Utah Peter Corroon 32% Gary Herbert 64%     GOP
Vermont Peter Shumlin 49% Brian Dubie 48%     ?
Wisconsin Tom Barrett 47% Scott Walker 52%     GOP
Wyoming Leslie Petersen 25% Matt Mead 72%     GOP

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