Biden 264
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Ties 6
Trump 268
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Dem 47
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Ties 1
GOP 52
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  • Strongly Dem (200)
  • Likely Dem (38)
  • Barely Dem (26)
  • Exactly tied (6)
  • Barely GOP (60)
  • Likely GOP (62)
  • Strongly GOP (146)
270 Electoral votes needed to win This date in 2016 2012 2008
New polls: (None)
Dem pickups vs. 2016: AZ MI WI
GOP pickups vs. 2016: (None)
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Trump Is Feeling ‘Down’
Trump Will Remain a Disruptive Force
Election Reveals Deeper Divides Between Blue and Red
The Current Electoral Map

Here are the survey results.

Note that the map above is tracking results as they come in. You can hover over a state to see what the totals are, and how many precincts have reported. The lists below track races that have been called.

Called for Biden: AZ (11)*, CA (55), CO (9), CT (7), DC (3), DE (3), HI (4), IL (20), MA (11), ME (3), MD (10), MN (10), NE-02 (1)*, NM (5), NH (4), NJ (14), NY (29), OR (7), RI (4), VA (13), VT (3), WA (12) = 238 EVs

Called for Trump: AL (9), AR (6), FL (29), ID (4), IN (11), KS (6), KY (8), LA (8), MO (10), MS (6), MT (3), ND (3), NE (3), OH (18), OK (7), SC (9), SD (3), TN (11), TX (38), UT (6), WV (5), WY (3) = 206 EVs

D-Senate: AZ*, CO*, DE, IL, MA, MN, NH, NM, NJ, RI, VA

R-Senate: AL*, AR, IA, KS, KY, MS, MT, NE, OK, SC, TN, TX, WV, WY

* = pickup

03:23 EST That's it for us tonight.

For those who did not (or could not) follow along last night, here's a recap of where things stand:

  • The map above reflects the current vote tallies and NOT which states have/have not been called. It was last updated 3:15 a.m. ET. See the text list right above this message for the list of states that have been called.
  • There was no blue tsunami, and there are quite a few pollsters that are going to need to do postmortems on their methodology.
  • The presidential race is undecided. To win, Joe Biden needs to hold Arizona (which was called for him by Fox and the AP), win Nevada, and claim any two among Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
  • Among those states, Nevada is looking very good for Biden, while there appear to be sizable numbers of strongly Democratic-leaning ballots to be counted in Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Trump is likely to take North Carolina.
  • In Biden's remarks last night, he called for patience, and expressed confidence that he will come out on top.
  • In Trump's remarks last night, he claimed that a great fraud has taken place, that he already won the election, and that he will ask SCOTUS to stop all ballot counting. He's nothing if not consistent.
  • Things went poorly for the Democrats on the Senate front; they will almost certainly need to win one or more special elections in Georgia to deprive the reelected Mitch McConnell (R-KY) of his speaker's gavel.
  • The Democrats held their House majority, and will add at least a few seats and maybe more.
There you have it. Good night, and good luck.

02:32 EST He says he's heading straight to the Supreme Court to stop all counting and to preserve the victory he's already won.

02:31 EST It took 4 minutes for Trump to use the word 'fraud'

02:26 EST It took 2 minutes for Trump to claim victory in states that have not yet been called.

02:24 EST It took 20 seconds for Trump to claim a conspiracy against him and his supporters.

02:23 EST Trump has finally emerged from wherever in the White House he was holed up.

02:08 EST If he doesn't hurry, most people will be asleep.

02:07 EST Donald Trump is supposed to be speaking to supporters.

02:04 EST The AP says Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) has been reelected.

01:59 EST Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), who was the most centrist Democrat left in the House, has been defeated.

01:55 EST Meanwhile, it's looking more and more like control of the Senate will come down to one or more elections in Georgia and Maine and Montana.

01:53 EST The country doesn't need a knock-down, drag-out legal fight over ballots in one state.

01:52 EST It would, of course, be best for the country--if Joe Biden wins anyhow--for him to win three or four of GA/WI/MI/PA rather than two.

01:49 EST Michigan and Wisconsin might plausibly release results tonight, but it will be late if it happens, and either is a longshot, much less both.

01:49 EST Georgia has already sent its poll workers home for the night, and Pennsylvania made very clear that they did not plan to release results until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest.

01:48 EST Joe Biden needs NV AND any two of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

01:48 EST The math is now pretty clear.

01:48 EST Van Jones talked about two victories the Democrats wanted: A political victory and a moral victory. They may yet get the political victory but a repudiaton of Donald Trump they will not get

01:39 EST The AP says Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) has won reelection.

01:35 EST If he holds Arizona and NE-02, he's at 238 EVs. If he picks up Nevada (6), Wisconsin (10), and Michigan (16) then he would be at...270 EVs.

01:34 EST That said, winning NE-02 opens up a Pennsylvania-free path to victory for Joe Biden.

01:22 EST Such as it is, that is a flip.

01:21 EST Fox News and NBC have called NE-02 for Joe Biden. The other three EVs will go to Donald Trump, of course.

01:21 EST If you get Eric Paulson's cards, Joni will still be in there

01:21 EST Theresa Greenfield has conceded to Joni Ernst

01:17 EST Steve Daines is now ahead of Steve Bullock 51-49

01:16 EST NBC just called Montana for Trump

01:12 EST The Georgia special runoff is going to be Raphael Warnock (D) vs. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R)

01:05 EST Trump's tweet about being cheated has already been slapped with a disclaimer by Twitter.

01:05 EST Trump will get more votes nationally than in 2016

01:04 EST Though Donald Trump is up in Wisconsin, most of the outstanding votes are in Milwaukee and Madison, both of them quite blue.

01:02 EST Only 22% of the current vote in Michigan is the early vote. It is expected to be 55%.

01:01 EST The AP says Ben Ray Luján (D) has won the open Senate seat in New Mexico

00:50 EST Donald Trump is on Twitter complaining that he's being cheated. So if you had 12:45 a.m. ET in your pool, you're a winner.

00:49 EST Fox News has called Montana for Donald Trump.

00:49 EST The AP says Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) has won reelection.

00:43 EST Biden is speaking. He says it isn't over until all the votes are counted

00:39 EST Here's how the various outlets have the EV count at the moment:

ABC News: Biden 205, Trump 136

CBS News: Biden 192, Trump 136

NBC News: Biden 205, Trump 136

Fox News: Biden 237, Trump 210

AP: Biden 223, Trump 145

Reuters: Biden 205, Trump 136

NYT: Biden 213, Trump 145

00:35 EST Biden's win in Arizona means he can lose Wisconsin and still win if he gets Michigan and Pennsylvania

00:34 EST And PA may come down to how many Democrats sent in naked ballots, either by accident or intentionally

00:33 EST Also worth recalling: It was predicted that Donald Trump would look better on Wednesday night, due to a 'red mirage,' than is actually the case. Maybe that was right, and maybe it was wrong, but it's a real possibility that his high point is right now.

00:32 EST Worth recalling: Everyone knew Pennsylvania would be the linchpin.

00:29 EST The AP and Fox News both just called Minnesota for Joe Biden.

00:29 EST NYT projects Trump to win Iowa

00:25 EST Trump is leading 51-45 in ME-02 with 40% counted

00:21 EST Fox and Decision Desk are also the only two outlets, so far, to call Florida and Texas for Trump.

00:21 EST When it comes to calling Arizona for Biden, however, the Fox News cheese stands alone.

00:20 EST Just about everyone has called Ohio for Trump and New Hampshire for Biden.

00:18 EST Exit polls: Top issues for Democrats: racial inequality, pandemic

00:17 EST Exit polls: Top issues for Republicans: economy, crime

00:14 EST Joni Ernst is leading Theresa Greenfield 52-45 with 84% counted

00:05 EST Several outlets have called Hawaii for Joe Biden.

00:04 EST CNN just called Ohio for Trump

00:04 EST Interestingly, Fox News' talking heads are complaining mightily about the fact that...Fox News has called Arizona.

00:01 EST CNN, NYT, and WaPo still haven't called Arizona, only Fox so far

23:55 EST Fox News has called Texas for Donald Trump.

23:54 EST Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) has claimed victory

23:50 EST NBC has the Senate at 43-43 right now

23:47 EST Fox News and Decision Desk have both called Ohio for Donald Trump.

23:46 EST Trump is ahead 53-45 in Ohio with 88% counted

23:43 EST Joe Biden is outperforming Hillary Clinton by about four points in Ohio and Iowa. That may be suggestive of what will happen in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

23:41 EST ABC News has just gone out on a real limb and projected a Democratic win in the D+23 CA-18.

23:36 EST Fox News says Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) has been reelected.

23:30 EST Biden won the county of his birth--Lackawanna--by 10,000 votes. Hillary Clinton won it by 3,500.

23:28 EST Theresa Greenfield is 0.1% ahead with 60% counted

23:27 EST CNN has also called South Carolina Senate race for Lindsey Graham

23:24 EST Fox also says Mark Kelly (D) has defeated Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ).

23:24 EST That is the first flip of the night.

23:23 EST Fox News has called Arizona for Joe Biden.

23:20 EST Doug Collins has conceded; runoff will be Loeffler vs. Warnock

23:20 EST Meanwhile, Mike Bloomberg is clearly TERRIBLE at turning money into votes.

23:20 EST Worth keeping in mind: The Democrats chose a Midwest/heartland/pierogi candidate and ran Midwest/heartland/pierogi strategy. The Southern states were always a luxury.

23:18 EST CNN has called Mississippi for Trump

23:18 EST NBC has called 192 EVs for Biden, 114 for Trump

23:16 EST Currently Trump leads in WI MI PA NC GA and FL, but it could be the famous red mirage

23:11 EST Trump continues to lead in NC by 1.3% with 95% counted

23:06 EST Fox News called Florida for Donald Trump.

23:03 EST Fox News just called the West Coast states for Joe Biden, and Idaho for Donald Trump.

23:02 EST The New York Times says Roger Marshall (R) has won the open Senate seat in Kansas.

23:00 EST But a potential disaster is looming for Republicans: They lose the Senate, and Donald Trump is defeated, but only narrowly. At that point, it will be a free-for-all between the Trump and anti-Trump forces in the GOP.

22:59 EST It is obvious how this night could turn disastrous for Democrats: Joe Biden loses and/or they don't retake the Senate.

22:58 EST Meanwhile, key counties in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia, among others, have made clear that they are not interested in asking their poll workers to pull all-nighters, and that they are content to wait until tomorrow to report results.

22:56 EST Of the swing and swingy states, the only one that's been called by any major news outlet is New Hampshire, which has been called by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN,Fox News, and Reuters.

22:55 EST Odds of a presidential winner being called tonight are growing faint.

22:51 EST Exit polls: People who say economy is #1 voted R; people who say pandemic is #1 voted D

22:50 EST Many readers have e-mailed us about what is going on in the betting markets. In short, Donald Trump has improved his odds considerably tonight. Indeed, he is now the favorite at some books. Don't make too much of this. If the underdog overperforms his numbers, even a little bit, of course the underdog is going to take all the action. Nobody rushes over to the desk to place a bet on the team that just gave up a touchdown.

22:46 EST ABC and NBC and Fox News have called New Hampshire for Joe Biden.

22:43 EST Tillis leads Cunningham 49 to 47 with 92% counted

22:42 EST Fox News has called Utah for Donald Trump

22:41 EST CNN has also called Louisiana for Trump

22:30 EST The AP has called the Alabama Senate race for Republican challenger Tommy Tuberville

22:27 EST The AP has called Illinois and New Jersey for Joe Biden.

22:23 EST J.K. in Short Hills, NJ reports in again: 'The S&P futures have reversed hard to the upside and are now up 2% at 10:15 p.m. It's being pulled up by the NASDAQ futures. Translation: Blue Tsunami is being priced away. Traders projecting either a (very) small blue wave or a split government.'

22:15 EST L.K. in Los Angeles, CA asks a question: 'Looks like Trump is vastly overperforming his polling again...maybe even more than last time...does this spell doom for the polling industry?'

Answer: Let's wait until the votes are tallied before we reach such conclusions. If the pollsters get one state wrong, and do ok in the other 49, that's hardly a disaster of Biblical proportions.

22:09 EST The New York Times says Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) has been reelected.

22:03 EST NBC projects a Trump win in AR

22:02 EST Loeffler has a 5-point lead over Collins in GA special

21:57 EST Fox News has called the South Carolina Senate race for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

21:54 EST Democrat Ilhan Omar has won in Minnesota, and Repubican Madison Cawthorn has won in North Carolina. Two controversial candidates that some thought would lose.

21:52 EST Fox News has a fun dynamic where the news staff is pressuring the number crunchers to call certain states for Donald Trump, and the number crunchers are categorically refusing.

21:39 EST The New York Times has called Colorado for Joe Biden.

21:33 EST NYT and WaPo both have Trump +3 in FL with 93% reporting

21:32 EST TX is an exact tie with 73% reporting

21:32 EST J.B. in Fort Kent, ME tells us: 'Maine Public Television reports that results are early, but we may wind up going to ranked choice voting in the Collins/Gideon race due to two third party candidates siphoning off votes from the major party candidates. If so, it may be several days before final results are known.'

21:31 EST CNN projects Biden will win CO

21:19 EST Fox says that the Democrats will hold the House, and will add a minimum of five seats.

21:17 EST We have explained this several times as part of our updates, and have posted a bright red explainer at the top of the page, and yet e-mails keep pouring in. Not sure what else we can do. In any event, the map is tracking vote totals that have been reported. States that have been called are listed at the top of this column.

21:14 EST The New York Times has called New Mexico for Joe Biden

21:07 EST The Biden campaign has reportedly conceded to reporters that Florida is lost.

21:05 EST Fox says the GOP will hold its Senate seats in Nebraska and Wyoming.

21:05 EST Fox has just called the first Senate flip of the night, with John Hickenlooper (D) unseating Sen. Cory Gardner (R) in Colorado

21:04 EST Fox News has called New York for Joe Biden.

21:04 EST Fox News has called Louisiana, Kansas, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and 4 of Nebraksa's 5 EVs for Donald Trump.

21:02 EST Question from D.C. in Portland, OR: 'I'm watching MSNBC and they highlighted a huge negative differential between Biden and Clinton (so far) in Miami-Dade County. The size seems to swamp and buck the trends elsewhere in the state.'

Answer: The Trump campaign spent massive resources trying to attract Latino voters (including plenty of anti-Biden propaganda aimed at that demographic). It appears to have worked, though note that Team Trump's success is primarily with Cubans, which means it may not translate to other Latino-heavy states like Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

20:54 EST J.K. in Short Hills, NJ, who knows about this subject, points out that S&P 500 futures were up over 1% at 7:15 p.m. They are now down about 0.25% (8:10 p.m.). The reason? Fears of a delayed outcome given what traders are seeing in Florida.

20:49 EST It varies state to state. Some states have reported just in-person votes from today, others have reported some of the absentee votes.

20:49 EST Question from M.H. in Boston: 'What are the percentages that the NYT (and others) are reporting right now? Are these just in-person votes? In-person plus absentee?'

20:40 EST So far, Biden doing very well in North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia, relative to Hillary Clinton's totals in the precincts that have been reported.

20:32 EST Fox News says Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) has been reelected.

20:31 EST Fox News has called Arkansas for Donald Trump.

20:30 EST Marjorie Taylor Greene (R), the QAnon-loving Trump supporter, has officially been elected to Congress.

20:26 EST Nevada state District Court Judge Joe Hardy has ordered several Nevada polling places to remain open late.

20:20 EST And now Carlson is peddling the message that the 2020 polls were a huge failure, despite the fact that, you know, the results aren't even in yet.

20:18 EST Tucker Carlson is hard at work convincing himself and his fans that the results in Florida presage a big Trump victory.

20:07 EST Fox News has declared three of Maine's 4 EVs for Joe Biden.

20:06 EST Fox News says Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has been reelected.

20:06 EST The AP says Jack Reed (D-RI), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Ed Markey (D-MA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Chris Coons (D-DE) have all been reelected to their U.S. Senate seats.

20:04 EST The AP says Bill Hagerty (R) will win the open Senate seat in Tennessee

20:04 EST NYT has called AL IN MS TN for Trump

20:03 EST Fox News has called Missouri for Donald Trump

20:03 EST Fox News has called Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama for Donald Trump

20:02 EST The AP has called Delaware, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington DC for Joe Biden

20:01 EST The AP has called South Carolina for Donald Trump

20:00 EST The shading on the map reflects the ballots that have been reported, and not the states that have been called.

19:51 EST Note that the maps are shaded based on the polling numbers we've put into our database. States that are actually decided are listed at the top of this column.

19:50 EST USPS will ignore judge's order to speed up the mail

19:47 EST Fox News reports that Amy Coney Barrett is 'very popular across all of America.' Who knew?

19:45 EST Fox News has called the Kentucky Senate race for, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R).

19:44 EST It was the State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrash.

19:42 EST Reportedly, Fulton County results will be delayed due to a water main that burst at a central pollling place. If Georgia stays close through the night, those votes are likely to give Joe Biden a late boost.

19:38 EST By contrast, Hillary Clinton took 63% of the vote in Miami-Dade

19:37 EST With 84% reporting, Joe Biden is leading only 54-45 in Miami-Dade. That's a very poor result for him; he needs a blowout there to make up for the red, red panhandle and Gulf Coast.

19:32 EST The AP has called West Virginia for Donald Trump

19:32 EST Fox News has called the West Virginia Senate race for Shelley Moore Capito

19:31 EST Fox News has called Virginia for Joe Biden

19:25 EST The AP has declared its first Senate winner of the evening; Mark Warner (D-VA)

19:24 EST The AP has called Vermont for Joe Biden

19:20 EST And some reports from people who are working the election, in one way or another...

A.S. in Milwaukee, WI: For the first time, at your suggestion, I'm working the polls in the City of Milwaukee and have had a really interesting experience. I was assigned to a predominantly white, working class voting ward on the south side. Of the 900 or so registered voters, about 500 voted early (in-person or absentee) and 180 and counting voted today in person, with three hours to go. Democrat-leaning observers outnumbered Republican-leaning observers by at least 2:1, and the Republican-leaning ones were barely here for an hour. Everybody voting was polite and masked without complaint, overall an amazing experience and an awesome chance to see retail democracy at work (and keep busy instead of refreshing the internet).

D.M. in Philadelphia, PA: I volunteered to make phone calls for Joe Biden for the last few weeks. I've called about 3 hours today, all calls going to Pennsylvania. About half the people I've called today hung up (which is better than it has been) and most of the others voted today in person. Although not part of the script, I've asked how long the line was. The answers have run between 5 minutes and 30 minutes with most of them on the shorter side.

S.O. in Madison, WI: You may recall the mess that was the Wisconsin Spring primaries. Many of the poll workers were pressed into working double shifts. However, due to an incredible support from the YOUTHS OF TODAY we only had to work single shifts for this election. Our ward has approximately 2,762 eligible voters. We had 74 poll workers, 61% being first-timers (mostly college age or younger) and 11% high school students. Wait times at the poll books were less than 5 minutes and about the same at the (single) tabulator. We had three poll watchers, one guy left after about 5 minutes. The other two seem to be watching like hawks from their designated area. No issues, they did not interact with anyone except me and the Chief.

C.G.: Wanted to share the content of a text message from my sister, a poll watcher in Montgomery County, PA: 'It's also very obvious that there are much different objectives for the R poll watchers than the D poll watchers. Our goal is to be a problem solver and ensure the vote of every eligible voter is allowed and recorded. Theirs is not that. It's definitely to make sure that people aren't allowed to vote if there's any question at all. Luckily all 3 judges I've encountered today are very helpful in ensuring voters vote.'

19:20 EST And some reports from readers who witnessed not-so-crowded polling places...

S.R. in Friendsville, TN: Went to my usual polling place right around 1 p.m. today. I think there were more parked cars for workers than there were for voters. No lines. The building was surround by political signage, mostly local races; the first Prez sign I noticed was for Biden, though. Not that that will ultimately win out around these parts.

C.B. in Monroe, NC: I voted early this cycle, but I drive by my polling place every day. The morning crowd was normal. However, no line in the afternoon drive-by. It is a very Republican area so I am hopeful a large Republican Election Day turnout turns out to be a myth.

D.N. in Panama City, FL: Our ruby-red county in the Florida Panhandle did not use precinct voting this year. The Bay County Supervisor of Elections set up seven 'super sites' for early voting county-wide; and opened another seven sites for election day. We have about 175,000 people in the county. I voted absentee, but my friend said it only took her a few minutes to vote today at the site she went to.

J.H. in Durham, NC: A sampling of three voting places near my home in highly Democratic Durham, NC, around 2 p.m. on Election Day showed no line visible at any of them. Indicates to me that the North Carolina Democratic vote is all-in during early voting.

T.G. in Fort Worth, TX: I went to the polls prepared for a couple of hours in line. Instead I found one person in front of me. As I was leaving there was not a soul in line. Rather surprising to say the least. The poll workers indicated there was a small rush first thing but it had been otherwise quiet until I voted mid-morning.

19:19 EST Some reports from readers who witnessed not-so-crowded polling places...

T.M. in Quakertown, PA: I live in the key to the Keystone State: Bucks county. I voted in the same location I have for the past 15 years. Bucks County was forced to go to paper ballots from the 2016 election and implemented that in 2020. Out of a 2,200 voter registration I was voter 689 by 12 p.m. today. The line was very long and lots of stories of long waits. It took me 30 mins. I'm convinced it was the new ballots and slow filling them out and not voter turnout as I suspect many in my district voted by mail.

I also have an 18 year old son who is a freshman at PSU and he reported 100% of his dorm floor voted. I don't think this has ever happened. 2020 will be the year of the youth vote.

T.B. in Detroit, MI: The polling location in my neighborhood has moved since 2018. One of my neighbors has decided to stand there since it opened, giving directions to the new location. By noon she had already given directions to over sixty people, which is more than the daily turnout for this precinct in some recent elections. I'm about to go relieve her for the next shift.

E.B. in Coram, NY: Polls opened at 6 a.m. and the wait was already about an hour Early voting lines this past week were around 4 hours long, so much higher turnout than in past years. Lee Zeldin is our Congressman so the high turnout probably won't work in his favor. Also didn't see many Trump/MAGA flags, stickers or signs on the cars there, or people wearing any MAGA gear. Applying the yard sign polling theory, looks like there aren't too many enthusiastic Trump voters here, could also affect downballot results favorably for Democrats.

J.R. in Billings, MT: I live in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana. We're Montana's largest city and county population-wise and we're kind of a microcosm for the rural/urban divide. Billings trends progressive in and around the city limits, but the county breaks hard conservative. We have a mix of white-collar jobs with the hospitals and state/federal courts and there's a handful of federal offices located here. We also have a lot of blue collar extraction industry workers (refineries and oil/gas drillers) as well as ranchers and farmers.

We heard yesterday that voting had already surpassed 2016 turnout. Billings has a handful of remote polls and one large polling place downtown at Metra Park (our civic center). Lines have been out the door here at the Metra all day with voters waiting three or four hours to cast a ballot. No real signs of foul play or voter intimidation beyond a couple of Trump-flag flying pickups that were asked to leave after repeatedly circling the Metra parking lot. Expect to see extremely high turnout. Spoke with a local campaigns manager and close friend who I've worked a few campaigns with and the consensus is that Trump probably carries Montana, but by a razor-thin margin. We think Montana will split the ticket and send Bullock to the Senate--his ads have dominated the airwaves and have been brutally effective. Williams has a decent shot at flipping the lone Montana House seat, but we think Gianforte probably carries the gubernatorial race.

That said, with turnout this high in Montana's biggest and very purple county, who knows? When Tester won in 2018 the returns came back very late in the evening. My guess is it'll be very close, but we're going to be counting votes well into the night.

19:15 EST Some reports from readers who witnessed crowded polling places...

19:11 EST Fox News has called Kentucky for Trump.

19:07 EST Fox News switched to wall-to-wall election coverage at 2:00 PT. Since then, the various talking heads have said the results likely won't be in tonight and the early results could be misleading at least four times each. So, they do not appear to be interested in accommodating any false presidential narratives.

18:46 EST We are up and running.

If you wish to contact us, please use one of these addresses. For the first two, please include your initials and city.

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