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Scavenger Hunt, Part VII: Pithy Quotes

There are three things that are true right now: (1) The writing staff is actually a solo operation until Sunday, due to travel; (2) It's been a downer of a week, news-wise; and (3) the news is very top-heavy, with nearly everything being about Israel or the Jim Jordan circus. So, it's time to return to some content that moved to the back burner, namely the scavenger hunt that was launched on July 4.

As a reminder, these were the prompts:

  1. The single photograph or image that best encapsulates the Trump presidency. (click here and here)
  2. Something that would make a terrible Christmas gift for Joe Biden. (click here)
  3. A book that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would never, ever read. (click here)
  4. A t-shirt that would be very apropos for Chief Justice John Roberts to wear. (click here and here)
  5. The wisest, most insightful, or most pithy quote ever to be uttered by a politician or political figure (need not be limited to Americans).
  6. The worst bumper sticker, button, yard sign or other campaign-related ephemera in U.S. history. (Still time to submit here)
  7. A portrayal of a key figure in U.S. history—image, song, verse, book, etc.—that is even more ridiculous than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (Still time to submit here)
  8. This isn't exactly a scavenger hunt type question, but we're going with it anyhow. Finish this joke: "Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar..." (Still time to submit here)

And now, in hopes that it lightens the day a bit, some pithy political quotes:

We shall have some more tomorrow, and then we'll continue with our fall cleaning (fall clearance?) next week. There are some pretty darn good Trump/DeSantis/Clinton jokes in the hopper, among other things, and we also have a fair bit of other stuff that is on the back burner that we want to get to. (Z)

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