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Looking Forward to 2024, Part VIII: Reader Predictions, Foreign Affairs Edition

We hoped to get to this last week, but not so much. It's at least fortuitous that this will run on a day we have three foreign affairs items. Here are the previous entries:

And now, 10 reader predictions for foreign affairs:

  1. R.C. in Des Moines, IA: Benjamin Netanyahu will be forced to resign and will then go on trial and will be convicted before Trump. (Potential Bonus Points: 67)

  2. P.L. in Denver, CO: Netanyahu will be out of office and well on his way to jail. A more liberal coalition government will be formed, opening a way for FINALLY settling the Palestine and Israel issues. Neighboring Muslim countries will participate in solving these problems. (Potential Bonus Points: 62)

  3. J.J. in Johnstown, PA: The U.S. will be in a full-blown shooting war with Iran before this year is over (not the proxy war with the Iranian-backed Houthis currently happening). (Potential Bonus Points: 79)

  4. F.S. in Cologne, Germany: In October, shortly before the U.S. presidential election, Iran will officially declare that it has developed a nuclear weapon. (Potential Bonus Points: 64)

  5. B.H. in Southborough, MA: The Ukraine war will resolve in some way by year's end. (Potential Bonus Points: 76)

  6. P.C. in Austin, TX: Vladimir Putin will be assassinated. Ukraine will strongly deny involvement. Russia will be in chaos for the rest of 2024. The war in Ukraine will fizzle. (Potential Bonus Points: 77)

  7. M.G. in Seattle, WA: Ukraine will receive the aid it needs to continue to hold out against Russia. (Potential Bonus Points: 31)

  8. S.H. in Broken Arrow, OK: In the U.K., Rishi Sunak will take one last look at the polls and end up waiting until the last possible day (approx. December 17th) to call for a dissolution of Parliament and call elections. (Potential Bonus Points: 39)

  9. O.E. in Greenville, SC: At least one country will seek to leave the European Union this year. (Potential Bonus Points: 74)

  10. J.C. in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: The Netherlands will still have no functional government by year's end. (Potential Bonus Points: 49)

If the readers go 10-for-10, then they'll earn 1,000 points for 10 correct predictions, along with 618 bonus points for degree of difficulty.

The final set of predictions will be a wildcard set. (Z)

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