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Looking Forward to 2024, Part IX: Reader Predictions, Wildcard Edition

Our final set of predictions for 2024; better late than never. Here are the previous entries:

And now, 10 wildcard predictions:

  1. D.M. in Wimberley, TX: This year will be the hottest year ever. Global warming denial will become even less tenable, but will still have less effect at the polls than consumer prices. (Potential Bonus Points: 21)

  2. K.H. in Albuquerque, NM: A major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) will directly impact the 2024 election by making landfall on the U.S. mainland between Oct. 30 and Election Day. (Potential Bonus Points: 66)

  3. P.L. in Denver, CO: There will be a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. (Potential Bonus Points: 55)

  4. R.B. in Portland, OR: Jimmy Carter will pass away in the first half of the year. All former presidents except Donald Trump will attend his funeral. (Potential Bonus Points: 30)

  5. C.O. in East Lansing, MI: At the end of the current Supreme Court term, Clarence Thomas will resign—not due to wrongdoing, but to escape the microscope on his finances. Instead, he will take a lucrative job as a name on a law firm where he is not even expected to handle cases. (Many lawyers would be happy to pay millions of dollars per year to NOT have him on the Court, but that part wouldn't be public.) (Potential Bonus Points: 79)

  6. G.H. in Reading, MA: There will be a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024. (Potential Bonus Points: 56)

  7. B.C. in Kent, OH: The Supreme Court will sustain Donald Trump's arguments about presidential immunity. (Potential Bonus Points: 82)

  8. R.C. in Des Moines, IA: The Chicago Bears will win 13 games and dislodge the Detroit Lions as the NFL's "Cinderella." (Potential Bonus Points: 74)

  9. K.F.S. in Lorton, VA: A Canadian team will once again lose the Stanley Cup, though it will be close, further delaying their country's plans for world domination. (Potential Bonus Points: 45)

  10. T.J.R. in Metuchen, NJ: The Pittsburgh Pirates will stun the world and win the World Series. (Potential Bonus Points: 92)

If the readers get 'em all right, then they'll earn 1,000 points for 10 correct predictions, along with a nice, round 600 bonus points for degree of difficulty. The Pirates World Series prediction is judged, by the panel, to be the longest shot of all the predictions this year. Should have been the 13-win Bears, unless we're talking about how many games they're going to win this decade.

And there you have it. We'll be revisiting these in December to see how everyone did. (Z)

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