• Strongly Dem (44)
  • Likely Dem (1)
  • Barely Dem (2)
  • Exactly tied (1)
  • Barely GOP (4)
  • Likely GOP (3)
  • Strongly GOP (45)
  • No Senate race
Map algorithm and special elections
An Orman (I) lead in Kansas is a "tie"
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News from the Votemaster

Election Day Is Finally Here

The day some people were looking forward to and others were dreading is finally here. Most poll aggregators, including us, think the odds favor the Republicans to take over the Senate, but its not a done deal quite yet. In addition to the Senate races, there are 36 gubernatorial races, many of them hotly contested, 435 House races, and a plethora of contests for state legislatures and local offices.

Poll closing times vary from 6 P.M. EST to 1 A.M. EST. Daily Kos has a great map showing the closing times around the country and what to watch for at each hour. The trouble is for all the exciting races, nothing will be known for hours and in some cases for days until all the absentee ballots and provisional ballots have been counted. Here is a brief rundown of some key races.

6:00 P.M. EST
  • Kentucky. Mitch McConnell R) vs. Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) is the big one here
7:00 P.M. EST
  • Florida. The big one here is the gubernatorial slugfest of Gov. Rick Scott (R) vs. Charlie Crist (D)
  • Georgia. Two races: Nathan Deal (R) vs. Jason Carter (D) for governor and David Perdue (R) vs. Michelle Nunn (D) for senator
  • New Hampshire. Shaheen will probably beat Brown, but it could be close
  • Virginia. If Ed Gillespie even comes close to Mark Warner, Democrats will be slaughtered nationwide
7:30 P.M. EST
  • North Carolina. If Sen. Kay Hagan (D) loses, it's curtains for the Democrats
8:00 P.M. EST
  • Connecticut. Unpopular Gov. Dan Malloy (D) is in a rematch with Tom Foley (R). It's a tossup
  • Illinois. Unpopular Gov. Pat Quinn (D) is in a competitive race with a mini-Mitt, Bruce Rauner (R)
  • Kansas. Both the Republican governor and senator could lose, but they are not bellwethers as both are unpopular
  • Maine. The three-way gubernatorial race could result in Gov. Paul LePage (R) being reelected with under 50%
  • Michigan. Most likely Gov. Rick Snyder (R) will be reelected, but an upset by Mark Schauer (D) is possible
  • Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett (R) will probably be crushed. If not, the Democrats will be crying all night
8:30 P.M. EST
  • Arkansas. A victory by Sen. Mark Pryor (D) would be a huge morale booster for the Democrats, but it is unlikely
9:00 P.M. EST
  • Colorado. Unless Sen. Mark Udall (D) wins, the Democrats can forget holding the Senate
  • Louisiana. Watch the margin between Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) for a hint about the runoff
  • Wisconsin. If Gov. Scott Walker (R) goes down, the Republicans will have lost one of their best 2016 prospects
10:00 P.M. EST
  • Iowa. The big prize here is the Senate seat. This is a must-win contest for the Democrats
11:00 P.M. EST
  • Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Hawaii close then, but there are no nationally significant races here
1:00 A.M. EST
  • The Alaska Senate race is crucial for the Democrats, but the results may not be in for weeks

December 2 is the date for the expected gubernatorial runoff in Georgia with Jason Carter (D) vs. Nathan Deal (R).

December 6 is the date for the expected Louisiana runoff between Mary Landrieu (D) and Bill Cassidy (R).

January 6 is the date for the expected Georgia senatorial runoff between Michelle Nunn (D) and David Perdue (R).

Republicans Likely to Win Senate

The map shows our final predictions. It is more likely than not that the Republicans will win the Senate, probably with around 52 seats. If independent Greg Orman wins and caucuses with the Republicans, they will have 53 seats. Still, elections always have surprises.

Today's Senate Polls

State Democrat D % Republican R % I I % Start End Pollster
Colorado Mark Udall* 43% Cory Gardner 45%     Oct 28 Nov 02 Quinnipiac U.
Georgia Michelle Nunn 44% David Perdue 47%     Oct 30 Nov 02 SurveyUSA
Georgia Michelle Nunn 45% David Perdue 46%     Nov 01 Nov 03 PPP
Georgia Michelle Nunn 45% David Perdue 48%     Oct 30 Nov 02 Insider Advantage
Georgia Michelle Nunn 46% David Perdue 46%     Oct 30 Oct 31 PPP
Georgia Michelle Nunn 46% David Perdue 50%     Nov 02 Nov 02 Landmark Comm.
Iowa Bruce Braley 45% Joni Ernst 48%     Nov 01 Nov 03 PPP
Iowa Bruce Braley 47% Joni Ernst 47%     Oct 28 Nov 02 Quinnipiac U.
Iowa Bruce Braley 47% Joni Ernst 48%     Oct 30 Oct 31 PPP
Kansas     Pat Roberts* 46% Greg Orman 47% Nov 01 Nov 03 PPP
Kansas     Pat Roberts* 47% Greg Orman 46% Oct 30 Oct 31 PPP
Maine Shenna Bellows 37% Susan Collins* 57%     Oct 31 Nov 02 Maine Res. Ctr.
North Carolina Kay Hagan* 46% Thom Tillis 44% Sean Haugh (L) 5% Nov 01 Nov 03 PPP
North Carolina Kay Hagan* 46% Thom Tillis 45% Sean Haugh (L) 4% Oct 30 Oct 31 PPP
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen* 49% Scott Brown 47%     Oct 30 Oct 31 PPP
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen* 50% Scott Brown 48%     Nov 01 Nov 03 PPP
New Jersey Cory Booker* 54% Jeff Bell 40%     Oct 30 Nov 02 Monmouth U.

* Denotes incumbent

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