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Missouri Votes (Again) Today     Permalink

Missouri held a Republican primary election back on February 7. This date had been set for a long time, so when the RNC said state parties would be penalized if they held binding primaries before March 1, the state tried to change the date. But Republicans in the state legislature added provisions to the bill that changed the primary date that would have stripped the (currently Democratic) governor of some of his power, so he vetoed it. The only way out of this deadlock was to declare that the February 7 vote would indeed be taken, but it wouldn't count. That is what happened.

Today, Missourians get a second shot at it. The Republicans are holding caucuses around the state but confusion reigns.

Rick Santorum did well in Missouri on February 7 and will probably do well today again. But as usual with caucuses, no delegates to the RNC will be chosen today. Instead delegates are chosen to go one level up in the caucus hierarchy (precinct, county, congressional district, state, RNC). Nevertheless, if Santorum gets the most votes today, it will boost his campaign.

Tomorrow Puerto Rico votes.

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