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Santorum Continues His Southern Winning Streak in Louisiana     Permalink

As expected, Rick Santorum won a decisive victory in the Louisiana primary yesterday, crushing Mitt Romney by double digits. Santorum won every parish (county) except Orleans, where New Orleans is located. This result is similar to nearly all previous results, in which Santorum wins the red states and counties and Romney wins the blue ones. Conservatives still don't like Romney, but that says little about what they will do when the choice is between Romney and Obama rather than Romney and Santorum. Probably there will be a collective holding of noses while voting for Romney. Here are the election results for Louisiana.

Candidate Votes Pct
Rick Santorum 91,305 49%
Mitt Romney 49,749 27%
Newt Gingrich 29,655 16%
Ron Paul 4,208 2%

There were 20 delegates up for grabs in Louisiana. It appears that Santorum won 10 of them, Romney won 5 of them, and 5 are unpledged. The remaining 23 elected delegates will be chosen at a state convention in June. The state's three RNC members are officially unpledged. The current delegate count puts Romney at 573, far ahead of Santorum's 273.

There are no elections until April 3, when Maryland, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia vote. It is a given that Romney will sweep Maryland and D.C. so most of the focus will be on Wisconsin, where Romney leads in the polls.

Can Romney Clear the Etch a Sketch?     Permalink

Dan Balz has an interesting column today about whether, come September, Mitt Romney will be able to erase everything he (Romney) has said all Spring from the voters' minds. His conclusion is that he will try to focus on the fundamentals such as the economy and his business experience, rather than try to make statements that directly contradict what he said during the primaries. Of course doing so will mean he has to stay vague rather than get into the details. This will be tough when Obama starts running TV ads that hit him on specifics. For example, Romney is on record opposing the Dream bill, which, if passed, would allow illegal aliens who arrived in the United States as children and who have graduated from high school and served in the U.S. Armed Forces to get green cards and eventually become citizens. When Obama starts running ads in swing states with large Latino populations like Florida, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico, pointing out that he supports the Dream bill and Romney opposes it, Romney will either have to switch positions or take a hit among Latino voters.

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-- The Votemaster

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